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Am I a bad person?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by shhh, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. I like to think I am a moral person, but last night I found myself making out with a very attractive female friend, who I know has a boyfriend but who isn't happy in the relationship.
    Should I be thinking/feeling:
    a) I'm a bastard
    b) I was one of two people acting according to their feelings, and I could be helping her confront the fact that she's not happy with things as they stand.
    c) It was a drunken kiss (or two) and means very little unless you make a big deal out of it
    d) Awesome, she's really hot.

    My mind suggests (c) is correct, my heart wavers between (a) and (b), and at least one mate thinks (d).

  2. Did you root her?
  3. No. And oh, the bf was asleep in the next room.
  4. [-x[-x[-x[-x
  5. Sounds like you missed a golden opportunity there.
    I bet you ride a half arsed Jap cruiser,sounds like the typical M.O.
  6. I prefer the term "semi-sport"
  7. HaHaHa,does riding it give you a semi hard on.
    Or do you mean it's so slow that you are "sport" for semi-trailers?
  8. e) who cares. IF it got that far then there is not much between her and the BF.
  9. f) who cares,I bought a bike and the bitches are fizzin.
  10. ^^this
    if she's playing tonsil hockey - drunk or not - she obviously doesn't think all that highly of her relationship. IMO if you really dig her, go in for the kill.... but if you're just doing it for a shag i'd look elsewhere (it'll mess with her self esteem)
  11. g) you need better friends
  12. y) This is another "Hai interwebs I did an arsehole thing am I an arsehole loll?" thread.
  13. I think if your sister isn't that into her boyfriend, she should talk things over with him then decide whether or not to stay as is.
  14. I am confused again.
    Blabber's wife is shh's sister ?
  15. ... and they're brothers.
  16. this is wiked

  17. sounds like your showing off and trying to make every guy here jealous :p. id like to think that I wont do what you did because even though she isnt happy with her current BF, she is still with someone else. Imagine you being that unsuspecting BF, how would you have felt?
  18. dude no one is gonna be jealous of him gettin with blabber's old lady, even if she is his brother
  19. Oh dear.

    Well it takes two to tango, but I think it's a bit of a bastard act considering her BF was asleep in the next room. How would you feel if that was done to you?

    She should know better, I'm not really sure what it says about her, but because you had the knowledge that she had a BF and the fact that he was asleep in the next room...

    I'd be keeping a good eye on my bike if I were you, if she tells him what she did.
  20. I've been in a similar situation. Myself and this girl, a good friend, happen to be out drinking one night and as the night went on things just sort of happened. We caught a taxi back to my place and you can use your imagination for the rest.

    She had a boyfriend at the time but wasn't very happy in the relationship. That said, she is still with said boyfriend some 12 months later.

    I kind of regret it because I would hate it if my girlfriend cheated on me however, it does take two. She is just as much responsible as you - probably more so because she is the one with the partner and should have said no from the very beginning.

    My $0.02 :)