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Always wear your gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HeavyNinja, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Found this story on Perth Now. All I can think of is the word dickhead and where they getting the skin from for the grafts. Doubt there be any skin left on his thighs.

    No Cookies | Perth Now

  2. Well we all know what's coming, I'll just throw this in there before the barrage. If you're the kind of rider who does wear gear, and you think you will be right to duck down the road or to the shops, think again, because that will be when you regret not wearing your gear. To all others who go without skin protection, all the best.
  3. “From time to time our speed cameras capture some interesting things,”

    “He was also wearing shorts, a T-shirt and no gloves. Ouch!”

    Reads a bit callous :confused:
  4. This post wont end well. Horseriding is really dangerous and you seem pretty high. What are you really scared of?
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  5. I would rather just wear my jocks and nothing else as the danger would be far less than starting this thread.
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  6. Maybe I worded the title wrong, I was trying to figure out a way to word it so it didn't sound like I was preaching. It was 5am and couldn't come up with anything.
  7. All good mate, it is Easter ,there are believers and non believers and when the prophets raise their heads its some what of a spiritual experience.
  8. well if he's dumb enough to not wear the gear, then maybe he's smart enough to shut up and take the pain.
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  9. always wear your gear OR never lock your front brake and lose your front end on a straight stretch of road in front of a speed camera doing a hundred plus while squidding
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  10. Like any newly hatched rider I was adamant ATTGATT person. Having clinical knowledge and working in a hospital only re-inforced this. But then I read through numerous threads on here with some heated debates on this subject and listened to the opinions of some very experienced riders. b12mickb12mick's argument really hit it home for me and changed my attitude.

    In the end it is a matter of personal choice. The best protection you get is further training as a rider. While you are new, you gear up for every ride. But then when you get enough experience and know your bike well, you may choose differently. There's a difference between pootling around town at 50kmh to local shops, and going on a longer ride in the twisties. I stopped judging others. Everyone is taking a calculated risk, and some people's maths skills are better than others.

    I'm still very new, just 11 months since I took my bike on the road for the first time. So I choose to gear up every time I ride. Mind you, I don't commute or ride to a corner shop. I'm a weekend warrior, so all my rides are averaging 200km along some great country roads (at posted speed limit of course). Plus I live in VIC, it's bloody freezing here nearly half of the year!
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  11. It was worded wrong. I was not preaching, I can't, I know if I gotta go down the road I won't be donning all my gear and the other day I did a lap of my street in my jeans, sandshoes, helmet and gloves but wore one of my mountain biking shirts as for a quick 20kph ride 200m I couldn't be bothered putting my big jacket on. But I won't not call him a dickhead for riding on a freeway with no protection, it his choice, but seemingly if your going to do 100+ surely you want to protect yourself.
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  12. Hey Spudz27Spudz27, don't worry mate, I totally get where you are coming from (y)
    Btw, welcome to NR from me too, you are doing great, and your blog is a very enjoyable read. Keep it up and enjoy :happy:
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  13. Everyone is going on about what this guy was wearing but no one seems too concerned that he is crashing ...
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  14. Psssst Spudz27Spudz27 start a thread about nodding and everyone will soon forget this thread ;)
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  15. Is it popcorn time? Shame I have an Easter lunch I need to go to...... :shifty:

    Yes, he is crashing. I wonder if he locked the front brakes upon seeing the speed camera. In hindsight, better to have lost a licence perhaps. Hope he's ok.
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  16. How about "don't crash with no gear 'cause it hurts" as a title. That would cover it.

    For what it's worth I went for a little low speed ride this morning with t shirt and shorts. Made sure my gloves were on though! Did about 20 klms around suburban Sunshine coast. Top speed 70 but mostly 60. I survived!
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  17. thats if he has a licence
    how the fcuk can you crash in those circumstances is beyond me
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  18. How about just "Don't Crash" that oughta cover it. If you don't crash it matters not what you are wearing.
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  19. That's my philosophy when I put around in shorts. Never doing anything risky enough to crash when dressed like that.
    When I go for a real ride in the hills and abuse my knee pucks, I dress accordingly. IE earplugs and something with knee pucks on my knees.