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Always trying to get a sweet deal :) but theres a catch..!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Dont know what to do, here is my little problem. Lets say helmets are expensive over in Australia, now due to a larger population and stronger dollar in the economy America can offer the exactly the same helmet at say half the price.

    The catch of course is the bloody thing doesnt have the AS 1698 sticker on it!!! (derrrr)

    Does anyone know if its possible to get a helmet certified over here just in case I decide to buy one from America??

    BTW looking at either the OGK aeroblades or AGV steaths. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone actually check if helmet's have the correct stickers on them? I don't know anyone who's been fined for this?
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    No you cant get them certified. Unless you wanna buy say 100 of them and allow the authorities to smash test about 99 of them for certification.

    I dont think you would ever get fined for it but should you have an accident, its just one way the insurance companies will void your claim.

    Bottom line is theyre illegal.
  4. ^


    cheers for going into detail. :biker:
  5. pity you couldn't use that style of offence for speeding hey MG? :wink:

    Well done mate.
  6. OK, I know this sounds dodgy. but can't you just peel & re-stick the AS sticker from your old helmet to the new one? It'll save your from being fined.

    Before you all roast me, I did say it was dodgy.
  7. Re: Always trying to get a sweet deal :) but theres a catch.

    Dude, a stealth helmet is only $399 full retail, take off your 10% NR members discount and thats $360. How much are you going to save buying it OS? Is it really worth all the hassles/potential hassles? :?
    If you were buying a $1500 helmet maybe I could understand.
  8. i wouldnt be so worried about the cops, i'd be more worried about your insurance company refusing to pay out (or at least making it difficult for you) if you had an accident and they found out you weren't wearing an approved lid.
  9. They'd have to prove that the non-conforming lid contributed to the accident in some way - how do you propose they'd do that?
  10. No I think they'd make YOU prove that it didn't, i.e. go get the helmet tested, which is upwards of $10k for a bicycle helmet, so can only imagine it wouldn't be cheaper for a moto helmet.

    Is it really worth the hundred bucks saved? :?
  11. Oh I agree that it's not worth the hassle - you don't even know how the helmet was treated in transit to your doostep. But it seems a bit silly to impose a reverse onus - it's their assertion, it's their onus. Someone tell me otherwise?