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Always to blame.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Lugo, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Not really that much of a near miss, but potentially could have been one had I not been as generous with the throttle as I was. To be explained...

    Basically heading down to the Saturday morning meet up in St Kilda, heading down Heidelberg road with the intentions of jumping onto hoddle to follow it down. I was in the left lane and picked a gap nice and early to merge into where 3 lanes become 2 just before the turn off. Merged in and a few seconds later the Rodeo which had become level in the right lane flicked the left indicator on and began to merge. I gave a quick couple of toots and he moved back across, well clear of me the entire time. Thought nothing of this and accelerated ahead slightly to allow him some more room to merge in behind before the turn off. This is where it gets interesting..

    As we rounded the bend onto hoddle, the white Rodeo, now behind made the decision to get right up behind, leaving all of a metre (if that) clearance as we approached a red light still travelling at a good 50km/h. As I slowed he closed the gap until I turned my head around and signal with my hand to give some space.

    As we approached the eastern freeway overpass, I took the 2nd lane from the left as the left split in two, and the rodeo took the right. We've entered the 70km/h zone at this point. The car in front was doing 60 and as I was in no rush trundled along behind. The very left lane however was completely clear, the Rodeo driver decided to sit level with the front of my bike forcing me to slow down further to allow him to merge at the merging point further ahead. I gave space well back from the merging point (really out of concern for what he might do next) and waiting for him to merge.

    At this point the bus lane to the left where motorcycles are permitted cleared, and I accelerated from our slowed pace of 40km/h back up to the 70km/h limit passing on his left.

    As I passed he pulled out behind as if to chase me down the bus lane. We went through the first intersection where he failed to obey the left turn only markers for cages, only to reach the next intersection where turning cars blocked the majority of the bus lane waiting for pedestrians crossing on the side road. With a gap of 1.5m or so between those cars turning left and those travelling ahead, I decided to get back on the power and pass through at the indicated 70km/h, no problems.

    The Rodeo however thought he could do the same (despite the size of the gap), and if not for the last minute decision of braking he very nearly cleaned up one of the turning cars already in the lane. I continued ahead comfortably crusing on through the amber light at Victoria parade, knowing he'd now be left well off in the distance.

    Now I don't know what his deal was, nor do I know why he was irritated with me, maybe I should never have been in the lane he wanted to be in, maybe I should've backed off or let him in front when wanted to merge, I don't know. All I do know is the circumstances leading up to all this did not warrant being 'chased' down the bus lane. I really wonder what some people are thinking when they drive sometimes..
  2. Sounds like he didnt look properly in the first instance, and when he realised you were there he assumed "another f*cken idiot biker cutting me off as I try to merge, well im bigger he can get out of my way."
    I imagine he then thought "ill teach him a lesson" and from that point didnt do a whole lot of thinking.

    It does sound like the driver was trying to scare you, but not wanting to actually hit you, would have been interesting to see what he would have done if you got off at the lights for a chat, but you definitely did the right thing getting out of there.
  3. "Nobody respects me coz I'm dumb. Well, I'm gonna MAKE this one respect me!"
  4. I didn't really have any grave concerns for his behaviour, just thought it better not to intentionally hang back and see what he might've done next. That being said, I was getting to the point of getting off the bike for a brief chat had he caught up again. One of those days when I really wish I had a GoPro watching the whole thing.
  5. Another dick on the road.
  6. Kept your head, so well done for that.
    What is standing out to me is that early on you picked out this guy as a nob. Yet you hung around to let him continue troubling you?
    First sign of this crap, you go. Get away straight away.
  7. I actually did get out of there as soon as I could. I couldn't get away turning off Heidelberg road on Hoddle as it's one lane, when you get onto Hoddle its 2 lanes and narrow for the first stretch, banked up with cars. I had to hang back until it split out to four, where I feel I made my only mistake of not selecting the very left lane.

    Once he'd gotten himself mostly past me I didn't trust moving across behind him to the bus lane in fear of him jumping on the anchors, and the right two lanes were full of traffic. I hung back paying attention to his behaviour, and jumped into the clear bus lane once he merged in front of me at the merging point of the two left lanes. I gave it plenty of stick once I'd gotten in the bus lane and passed as widely as practical. Once he was behind and my path ahead was clear I left him for dead ;)

  8. Well done!. :)
  9. Sounds like you did all the right things Lugo. There's plenty of similar yarns around, just inexplicable agro. DenRetc was quite likely spot on. Good you're on here now talking about it, instead of the alternative.