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Always think twice! Don't be a sheep

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrJohn, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. Hey Riders,

    Location: Melbourne Australia

    The reason why i'm posting this into NEW riders and Tips is because several accidents are/have been occurring lately. As summer is coming up and hell, there is going to be alot of riders out and about during this time of the year.

    Past couple months i have had friends and friends of friends, who got into major accidents leaving them hospitalized with broken bones, fractured skull and one at the moment is still in a serious comma. I would to say it again ALWAYS THINK TWICE!

    There is a couple of Tips for new riders and for anyone who needs a refresh, as i don't want to hear or see any more fallen riders.

    1. Wear full protector gear always.
    Going to the shops down the road, catching up for coffee etc. ANYWHERE!

    2. Check your bike before hand.
    Myself usually check for tyre pressure, brakes, headlight, all switches and even the steering damper before rides.

    3. "DONT BE A SHEEP"
    I know riding with friends sometime is difficult as some do attend to egg each other on or just the fact scared to be left behind.
    Just remember your on a bike or inside a car.

    Always think twice before doing anything as you can either be responsible for your own life or even others.
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  2. thanks for that, but i would prefer you kept your opinions to your self.
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  3. That's a tinsey bit mean UG. ;-) The OP should have added; don't split, visit the Spokes and TAC websites, Wipe off 5 and Curb your curve.
    F*ck me I've been brainwashed
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  4. I would say that for newbies that is very good advice.

    But if you are off your P's and still can't ride on quiet suburban streets then you should seriously consider doing some more courses or handing your licence in.

    Speed does not kill. Understand that? I'll say it again a bit louder.


    Its a fallacy. It's not true.

    What is true is that speed can contribute to the ferocity of the accident, but it doesn't cause the accident. At a fairly simplistic level what causes the accident is, in most cases driver/rider error. In other words they fcuked up.

    Running red lights can save your arse. I've done it, it was planned and preferable to getting run over by a B double. Late at night some lights don't register the bike and you are left with little choice but to run the red light.

    Dumb shit only kills if you get very wrong. I've done some very dumb shit over the years and I'm still alive to talk about it.
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  5. MrJohn - which glove should I put on first?
  6. What???? No high-vis vest
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  7. Nothing like shouty capitals to drive one's point home really.
  8. @MrJohn@MrJohn I can't recall, who are you, how long have you been riding.
  9. Check both sides when entering a intersection (even with traffic lights + when the lights is green for a while, or even a 1 way street). Saw a bike down with 2 ambos + 3 cop cars + 1 firetruck attending a scene at my local shops. Looks like the car ran the light and wiped out the yamaha R15. Hope the rider is alright.

    :ninja: El Squiddo wants everyone to ride SMARTLY this summer
  10. :LOL: Love the new Nom de Moto
  11. i wish i thought twice before i opened this thread and read your drivel.
  12. Op casually infers steering damper is important and yet insists speed kills. Surprised op bothered with the thread, he clearly lives on the edge.
  13. fixed it for ya, some one needs to give him a little push
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  14. sorry if you guys find it stupid but just finding it hard to believe alot of people with still great experience still dont think twice.
    my mates mate got collected by a truck the other week and i didnt find it funny at all. =s
  15. Ok the people have spoken, the first post got such overwhelmingly poor reviews it closed auto magically. I think we will let this thread do the same.
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