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Always RFM

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kaos, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Well i learnt the hard way to always Read the Fcuking Manual, well not manual but a fault tracing sheet for your regulator/rectifier. At the top it mentions explicitly that most failures of regulators is connections. So i disconnected all the plugs, checked em for corrosion and gave em a spray of contact cleaner. Then i checked all the wires for continuity, all seems to check ok but not charging.
    So i buy another regulator/rectifier (an aftermarket one which i had to adapt wiring), remove the old one and chop the wires in half to use them to extend the wires on the new regulator. After the chop i pulled the plastic sheath off, and with it came the positive wire, i thought wtf the spade terminal is still there in the plug. The bloody wire had corroded thru the back of the spade terminal and was semisecured there still by the sheath so i didnt detect it on the bike.
    So i resoldiered all the wires back together with a new spade crimped on, and voila it worked beaut. Now i got a spare regulator.

  2. I'm gaining vast knowledge from the service manual I purchased for my upcoming new bike :)

    Learnt a few surprises already so hoping that will save me from many potential learnings 'the hard way' :)
  3. Rule 1 of older bike/car/boat electrics, when probing with test lamps or multimeter, probe the connectors AND probe into teh wire about an inch or two below the connector.
    Rule 2, always do the simple stuff first and never assume!
    If I had a dollar for every dodgey connector or corroded end of wire I had seen I would be well off!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. The first rule of pretty much anything:
    Always do the cheap stuff first.