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Always indicate when exiting a roundabout!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kyba274, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Nearly got taken out today because i didn't indicate when turning right and exiting a roundabout (like 98% of drivers).
    I fishtailed to a stop as a car cut me off as I was about the exit the roundabout. He thought i was doing a u-turn around the roundabout?
    LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE AND ALWAYS INDICATE BEFORE EXITING! its not hard, and who knows it may just save you from being hit.

  2. Good idea, and in NSW it's actually the law.

    But I don't think indicating would have helped too much, if he thought you were doing a U turn he should have stayed where he was until you were passed the exit. I think he just didn't see you, like 98% of drivers.
  3. Forgot to add that it was a multilane roundabout and he cut me off on the outside, as i went to exit out from the inside.
    The driver did have a suprised look on his face though, so he may of actually not seen me.
  4. OK I'm missing something. Was it the left indicator off the roundabout you didn't do when you were turning right? If so I don't get how he cut you off.

    If you were doing a u-tun and he expected you to turn right then it makes sence.
  5. OK posted before the clarification. Yeah it certainly pays to indicated on larger roundabouts.
  6. Now I understand, but firmly believe he didn't see you.
  7. I always indicate correctly... don't know why you haven't been up until now?
  8. Didnt know it was a law to indicate when exiting a roundabout as Ive only ever seen a handful of people do it.
    It makes sense now though.
  9. Was part of the new laws brought in mid last year that you have to indicate as you exit a roundabout when practical.

    Smaller roundabouts it's a waste of time but larger multi lane one's it's almost critical to do it these days.
  10. In Sydney, it's been the law for at least the past 6 years.
  11. When you do METAL up here they take you to a roundabout to watch how many people get it right. Back when I did it there was all of one at a busy roundabout watched for 10 minutes or so. Of course, 80% of the big wide 4WDs cut lanes as well because the drivers are too lazy to slow down enough to maneuvre properly.
  12. In NSW most do it once for the P's test and then never again.
  13. Attached a grab from the QLD demerit points schedule on what you can be pinged for when it comes to indicating with respect to roundabouts.

    Attached Files:

  14. I actually think is was the first step in the nationalisation of road rules. It came in in 2000. I remember because I was in Perth and there were indicators going everywhere at the time. Perth probably had more round-a-bouts per capita at the time than any other city and less idea how to use them

    even the other day I was following some old duck (in Sydney) that was indicating right at the approach to every roundabout, despite then going straight ahead.
  15. Yep, get that all the time here.
  16. indicating when leaving a round about from the inside lane just makes good sense: indicating is about alerting other drivers to your intention - and if you don't indicate to leave a round about it looks to a driver in the outside lane as though you will be continuing around the round about. Also they may not be able to see your right indicator so they don't know if your are indicating to turn right (or uturn).

    Also generally speaking dual lane roundabouts are marked such that you can only turn right via the inside lane, to avoid cars on the outside lane cutting across the traffic exiting the roundabout. It's a good idea to consider when approaching a roundabout to use the inside lane for going straight ahead or turning right, and using the outside lane for going straight ahead or turning left.
  17. In QLD, you are required to indicate right when entereing a roundabout and left when exiting.
  18. Generally speaking, it is common courtesy to not enter the roundabout when a vehicle is approaching from your right in the inside lane, with its right indicator on.
    Just to be sure, its always good to indicate when exiting anyway. Its going to be hard to get the indicate when exiting reflex ingrained in my head after years of driving without doing it though...
  19. According to my neighbours son who just sat his licence test, this is law - even has an example diagram of right indicator to enter and left to exit when traveling straight through...
  20. I sometimes don't indicate when entering, legacy of an earlier time when it wasn't required in QLD, but I always indicate when exiting. It helps alert those occasional nutcases who try to turn right via the outside lane and think they can drive right through you!

    QLD rule books have the same diagram. If turning left, you can left indicate on entering otherwise you must indicate right even if going straight ahead.