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Always feel bike is slow

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HeavyNinja, May 29, 2016.

  1. so maybe it is just me or maybe it is bikes in general, but I always feel I am going slower than I am. I will be going faster than traffic, look at my speedo and see I am sometimes 20kph over the limit, but at the same time have this feeling that I am going slower than I am. Even at $1.75 I felt slower than that. In a car you get a real sense that your speeding, but on my bike I don't get that same sensation of speed. It is kinda dangerous to be honest as I want to go faster.

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  2. amphetamines will do that too :p
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  3. Bikes in general mate.... bikes in general. :)

    Plus... most of the speed limits are set too slow for bikes in general anyway. Another reason why you feel you're going slow. ;)
  4. at 20 over you're just entering the 'funzone'. life begins at 20 over.
  5. bike you should be hyperaware of what is happening around you, so things may feel slower..
    but resisting the urge to be a twat is all in your head and your responsibility...

    is also your responsibility to your family, whom you don't seem to hate.. so make sure you get back home to them each ride ;)
    (unless you have heaps of life insurance and partner is young enough to find another stud.. in which case, go for it! :) )
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  6. It always feels like your goin slow - till your slidin down the road on your azz!
    Maybe time for a track day? If you haven't already!(y)
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  7. Speedometers over read speed. At a genuine 100 your speedo is probably showing 90-95k's.

    Also, maybe your bike needs its neck wringing to activate the fun.
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  8. usually other way, speed reads 100, but you're doing 90-95
    I thought he had a thread where he reckoned speedo was out the other way?

    between bike, speedo, GPS and his sense of speed, something is not matching up :p

    then again, doing 165-175 on learner/P's... does it matter what the speedo says?.. time for track days :)
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  9. Or instead of a track day a night ride your local set of twisties. The dark always makes you feel the speed, especially a poorly lit road with lots going on if you are outriding your lights, so to speak.

    Of course, you could die!!
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  10. Yep that's what I meant but gin is my editor tonight. Thanks for the sense check.
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  11. nothing like a gin gin sunday to slow things down :)
  12. Nah if my speedo reads 95 I am doing 100+. Riding fast at night, no thanks. Went a bit faster than I should have on my favourite road in town. Scared the shit out of myself.

    I am going to try to get into a level 1 ride day in july but it means carting the bike 800km in 2 days as I am not riding there incase I drop the bike etc.
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  13. Seriously ??
    Mate if you scared of dropping your bike on a road ride then I'm thinking maybe you need basic practice far more than you need a track day ...
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  14. #15 HeavyNinja, May 29, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2016
    Nah mate I want to be able to still get home if I drop it on the track. If I was scared of dropping it on a road ride, why would I even bother riding.

    I used a gps speedo app on my mobile. My speedo definitely reads less than my actual speed. I also had to make sure I rode under the limit on my test as two riders told me I was pulling away when travelling the posted limit.
  15. Get a speedo healer then I guess
  16. Nope, speedo's don't under read, they over read. If you have 100 on the speedo you'll be doing less, say 92-96.
  17. The track isn't about crashing.
  18. I understand that and don't feel it an issue, but shit happens and I don't want to be 400km from home with no way to get back.
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  19. If that feels slow - try stepping back from a Brutale 800rr onto a Duke 390 again.

    My goodness - how did I EVER think I was going fast?
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