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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all, just got back from lookin at a nice zx2r crunched the guy on price and came to a good deal, then I said let me first do a revs check. So i rang REVS and they said theres no money owing on the bike... BUT there is a POLICE WARNING THAT THE BIKE IS STOLEN!!! I'm so pissed I really wanted the bike, so i rang the dude amd told him that his bike is stolen he seemed genuinely surprised so I dunno, I told him to get it sorted and we,ll see.

    Just goes to show how valuable a FREE service can be sometimes!

  2. Is it registered? What did he say the bikes history was?
  3. It hadn't been registered for 2 years but the dude said he had it blue slipped last year in november. He dropped it and didnt bother getting it registered after that. Just spoke to him again he said that the cops are going to go to his house and check out the bike this week to make sure its all good because it was supposedly only reported stolen last month and hes had it since last year... very confusing
  4. in queensland we have to pay for a revs check and you need a credit card :(
  5. What does "revs" stand for, and where do you access one of said revs checks?

    (I'm a victorian.)
  6. REVS - Register of Encumbered Vehicles :)
  7. in NSW you only pay if you want a print out of the REV's check. Otherwise, the free service is a verbal only.
  8. so how do you access the revs check?
  9. call vic roads... its the same thing if your buying a car. They can give you a verbal indication that theres no finance or it hasnt been stolen. You can then pay $10 or something to get something printed so if you buy it and then it turns out it is stolen you are covered.... well i think thats the idea
  10. For ten bucks a REVS check is a worthwhile investment, the last thing you need is to buy a bike and then find out you have to pay off some other guys finance.
  11. It may not be stolen. A couple of weeks ago we bought a repossed vehicle from an auction house. All checks had already been done because it was repossesd by the finance company. When we went to register it there was a big hold up. They said there were irregularities. Next thing we know the cops are there taking us into the interrogation room because it had been reported as stolen. Turns out the guy it was repossessed off told the tow truck driver when he took it away that he was gonna report it stolen and he did. Turns out this kind of thing happens a lot.
  12. hmm never heard of this before
    but will do so on my next bike :p :LOL: :LOL:
    unless i buy a new one haha
  13. should still REVS anything bought from auction, Ive bounced about 3 vehicles sofar (over the course of 2 years tho) due to encumberances on supposadly clear title vehicles - About half the time we get the paperwork and either the engine number or Vin number has been logged incorrectly their end - hence I know a proper revs check was never done as the details they used arn't correct!
  14. But this only applies to private sales. Car yards (and i assume bike yards) arent allowedd to sell anything encumbered, so if you found out later it was then the yard is automatically responsible.
  15. Just to clarify for any who aren't familiar with REVS, it covers vehicles with money owing on them or that are stolen. If REVS clears it, the vehicle is "clean" in the eyes of the law. Otherwise you could end up with a hot bike or with someone else's loan. A messy situation to sort out... :eek:

    Car/bike dealers operate under regulations (they're businesses after all!) so if they sell you something dodgy, then they take responsibility, to the extent that the law demands. Similar to how you'll pay more for a used bike from dealer and they offer a warranty, but if you buy something from the classifieds you are on your own pretty much. Auction houses are probably a grey area, so better safe than sorry, as Prawns said above.

    I spoke to REVS once when buying a QLD bike while living in Canberra. The $10 paperwork makes it official if it hits the fan, but the verbal check over the phone is still an excellent idea, just make sure you get all the right numbers. Only takes a few minutes, saves you a lot of stress :cool:

    Also be careful with people trying to coerce you into a sale, esp on long weekends like Easter. My mechanic was down at the rego office a coupla years ago. The two blokes in front of him had both bought bikes over the Easter weekend, didn't do a REVS check and went in to get them registered on the Tuesday.

    Both bikes turned out to be stolen, were confiscated by the authorities and the sellers were long gone with cash in hand. In each case the poor blokes had laid out the cash because they were told there were other people real keen on the bikes, and that if they wanted to wait til Tuesday to get a check done, the bikes would already be sold to someone else.

    Imagine you were the second guy, feeling sorry for the first guy, then finding out your new baby is being taken away too... :cry:

  16. Cheers mate! :D
  17. Hay guy's, hubby just bought a 04 mean streak we did a rev's check because they guy was selling it cheap, rev's will also tell you if the bike/car has been a repairable writeoff. Its a good thing to get