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Alu-rack much better than Ventura rack!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dutch Devil, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Looks great, but too expensive

  2. No way, keep that trash

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  3. Yeah!!!

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  1. Hi guys,
    Two years ago, when I came to Australia, I got a bit upset with Aussie riders... What are these awfull looking things you are dragging around, so called ventura racks (I think) with these baggy packs on em...
    Great bikes turn into "postie bikes" with these things... how can you put something like that on a fireblade for example???
    Givi got a few betters options, but I love the Alu-racks, for a German company called SW-motech. I've had one on my Honda CB600 Hornet in Holland, and now another one on my Honda CB900 Hornet here in Australia. And it looks so much better... Adapter plates (that you buy seperate) are easily mounted on the rack, and they allow you to put your own topcase on. I've got a 52 lt Givi case on mine. But by now I've made some adjustments myself, and my tankbag now fits on the back (no scratches on the tank, on and off in 2 sec.).
    Sounds good? Have a look on www.sw-motech.de (site in English) and see for yourself.

    Let me know what you think!!!
  2. mmmm Hornet 600 centrestand..... how much is 139 euros in the Pacific Peso???
  3. Aussie dollar buys 0,60 Euro's.... the rest is up to you....
  4. I know what you mean about the Sw-motech, I'm just waiting for them to bring out a rack for the FZ6 :(
  5. looks the same as a Ventura rack in terms of uglyness. And the main part of the rack only takes 20 seconds to remove.

    Hard lugage is great for security, but harder to carry around, and very expensive compared to a cheapo Gearsack bag.

    People get a rack because its the cheap option :grin:
  6. 139.00 EUR (Euro) = 234.671 AUD (Australia Dollars)

    1 EUR = 1.68828 AUD

    1 AUD = 0.592318 EUR
  7. Thought you guys might find http://www.xe.com/ucc/ useful to convert the currency at the current rates, it's what I use when buying stuff online. :)
  8. hey guys, 210 views and only 6 did the Poll..... how come??
  9. I didn't vote in the poll because there is no "Ventura racks rock" option :)

    I really really really hate hard top boxes, they place the weight in the worst possible position.

    A Ventura rack on the other hand lets you face the bag forwards and on the seat and then lets you put the camping gear (seat, tent etc) which don't weigh much onto the rack.

    Hard luggage has it's place... but that place is _not_ behind the seat (panniers can be good though, they keep the weight low and more centred).
  10. A bag can't be locked though, very handy in the city to lock your helmet away, the weight out the back can be a little irritating, but I don't take it up to the spur, and if you're fully loaded, riding aint as easy anyway. And with a pack facing forwards, where does the pillion go?
    For smaller things I've made a small aluminium plate to go on this rack, on in 5 sec. with the same bolts.So that my tank bag fits on, no scratches on the tank, no big and heavy thing on the back, and no ugly "scaffolding" either..... will send some picks soon.
  11. the gospel according to Dutch Devil:LOL:


    i got me a ventura rack. for my needs it's perfect. if i need to leave my helmet behind i take the car.
  12. It is great that you like your top box and I'm sure it comes in very handy, but there are a few things you should be aware of...

    Ventura bags can be padlocked.

    Ventura bags can be mounted either on the pillion seat for better weight distribution, or around the other way with a pillion on board. Plus you can purchase a second bag that will zip to the first one to double your carrying capacity when there are no pillions.

    Ventura racks have an accessory "sports rack" for smaller items or you can purchase a grab rail attachment that eliminates the rack and provides a... well.... a grabrail :roll:

    Happy touring,
  13. the options in the poll are too one-eyed.
  14. Typical the Suzuki GSX750F gets left out again, atleast Ventura have an ugly rack for it