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Alternatives to Ventura / Givi / etc. racks?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by heffa, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Ok, Ive been searching past posts, and found scattered info on different luggage racks, but none answered my problem.
    Next year Im gonna be looking at an FZ6 ('06), and am gonna want some carrying ability with it. I had planned on getting a Ventura rack, but they look bloody awful on an FZ.
    Ive looked at Gearsack racks (looks worse than the Ventura!), Givi and Alu Racks. The hard cases look even worse than the Ventura rack.
    Ideally, I want something like a Ventura rack, but with style (ie. not looking like plumbing sapres welded to the back).
    Any suggestions?

  2. I don't know what alternatives are out in the retail market, but I'm sure a local metal fabrication shop would be able to whip one up for you at a price.
  3. You can get by with no rack. I currently use an Andy Strapz seat bag and Motoline touring panniers. There are quite a lot of seat bags and soft panniers available. Andy Strapz are locally developed and manufactured bike gear. They're in Frankston but they distribute through bike shops too.
  4. Ya, I was checking out the Andy Straps stuff. Sound pretty suitable for what Im after, except the long trips are likely to include a pillion.

    Interesting idea.
  5. Have you considered a tank bag?
    They centralize the weight more than a rack.
  6. Have you considered the Ventura Sports Bag and rack? It's small and big enough to carry your lunch. Then you can put the bigger rack and bag on only when needed.
  7. nice choice. i was looking at the Fz6s. just didn't like the look of the digital instrument cluster.

    are you getting the 'n' or the 's' model?

    with top box:


    tank bag:



  8. those andy strapz bags etc. are pissa's!!

    off with my rack again, i'm getting me an andy strapz bag
  9. I have the full monty - standard rack, sports rack and grab rail. I slip whatever's suitable for the ride on. Takes a second (much like a stabbing, versus a crucifixion). I mostly use the sports rack and the bag that goes with it. On the Blackbird, which is black, incidentally, it blends right in. On a big ride, it doesn't matter what you use, whether they're panniers, top boxes, Gearsacks or Venturas, they all look, well, "functional". Some are just more "functional" than others.

    For sheer strength and solidness, you can't beat the Gearsack Rack. Butt ugly, but it can carry a ton of stuff.

    Ventura racks have a rep for breaking. And when you do break one, if it's not under warranty then you need to send in a clipped portion of the your Ventura bag's label to show proof of ownership. Otherwise they will not sell you a rack by itself. Rather, you would need to purchase another rack and bag ensemble.

    Ventura is concerned with warranty and liability issues if you mix and match - say use a Gearsack bag on a Ventura rack, which neither are designed to go with each other. Hence the label policy.
  10. I wonder what the street (bike shop) prices are like? I just checked the AA bag which interests me. But at $165, I think that I'll stick with what I have for the moment. I want a bag that's more suitable for the bike which I can use to tote my stuff to and from work. The one that I have now is ocky strapped to the seat or the Ventura. Unfortunately, twice now, my dinner has parted company with the tupperware bowl that it was supposed to stay in...

    Something like a 15 litre bag that clips to the rack would be ideal. The sports bag that I got with the sports rack is too small for what I want, unfortunately.
  11. Like most manufacturers who want retailers to bother selling their products, they don't undercut them. The RRP is what you will pay if you buy from a bike shop or directly from Andy. When I bought my bag I rang them direct and they gave me the name of a bike shop closer to me who stocked their stuff, so I just went to Bike Barn in the city rather than going all the way down to Frankston. I think they're still manufacturing on a small enough scale that they know who sells their gear and what they keep in stock.
  12. Gonna be the S, probably in silver.

    With looking at the Ventura racks, I was thinking of having all three as well (full rack, sports rack and grab bar). The problem I have is even with the grab bar, it stands out like a piece of welded plumping pipe. It just doesnt blend with the lines on the FZ. It wouldnt be such a problem if the whole frame came of as easily as the rack attatchments do :?
  13. Have you seen this particular model bike with the Ventura system attached?

    I can't comment, but on a lot of bikes that I've noticed it, they seem to blend in pretty well. For example, I have a black Blackbird. My Ventura system looks unobtrusive, and in fact, looks like an OEM accessory.

    What would be nice if Ventura could provide racks of varying colors. At least then, you'd be able to do a bit of color matching. Of course, I s'pose that you could purchase a system, strip it all back and get a local powder coater to do it in your favorite color. But then, that's probably going a bit overboard.
  14. Have seen several pics, but not in the flesh. Does anyone on da forums has an FZ with a Ventura? Might look better in real life.

    Yeah, would be kinda expensive. $400 for rack and bag, plus getting it stripped and coated :?