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alternatives to pilot sliders (pilot powers)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JimmyD, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. i have single compound pilot powers on my 01 r6 and ti'm looking at ditching them for something else more grippy.

    i have 003rs on my other bike but i wouldnt mind trying something different.

    experiences with q2's? diablo rosso corsas? hmm what else is out there.

    i find the pilot powers not very confidence inspiring in the front, and the rear is ok but slides everywhere. i went for a ride today (wasnt that warm) and the rear power was just giving me massive slides and black lines on corner exits. controllable, but i wasnt riding very hard. had it on a fair bit of lock coming out of a second gear corner a couple times.. would have made for great pics.

    will be used for riding through the twisties and the odd track day.

  2. Pirelli or GTFO
  3. the Q2's are getting good write ups, and seem to suit fast road riding & the occasional track day.

    unfortunately tyres are very rider/bike/skill dependent. what works for one may not work for others.
  4. the other bike i was riding with today had qualifiers on and didn't have any of the traction issues. maybe i could try those, but i wont get a huge life out of them.

    they would be good for the track though... i'll just have to burn these ones up and get some real tyres.

    would you get 1000km out of a rear qualifier on a 600?
  5. i'd say you'd get more than 1000km from a Q2 on a 600, unless you're a gun a-grade racer!
  6. i might try a set of them when i get rid of these. found this good link for tyres.

    2010 Street Motorcycle Tire Comparison

    rear pilot power has around 1600km on it and it hasn't got huge life left.
  7. Rosso Corsas have only been available for a month or two, so experience will be hard to find yet. Supercorsa SPs for ultimate grip, apparently.

    My mate loves his Q2s, on a CBR. But he never slides.
  8. I used to love the feel I got out of Pilot Powers and Pilot Power Race. They slide around a bit, but I found it enormously progressive. Even a toothless old plonker like me could get crossed up out of corners on them. What the newer stuff (2ct and Pure) is like I don't know. For simple mechanical grip, I found the pirellis superior, but for ME, there was much less feel and feedback. It was there, but it was just harder to read and understand. I preferred the Michies. Others feel differently.
  9. yeah thats one thing i found with the powers, so so progressive. you feel it slide a bit and you can just add more gas if you want to slide more and its all cool.

    i will take an 09 cbr1000rr for a burn in the next week or so, with qualifiers on it. see what the feedback is like on those. different bike and capacity but its a pretty good indication.
  10. I've tried em all and for me nothing beats the dunnies - it's like shit of a stick!
  11. Respi, which dunnies do you mean, the Q2's, RR's, Gpra's, GP racers?
  12. i can vouch for the qualifiers :)
  13. Awesome link there. Thats my bike! *reads*
  14. d211 ntec
  15. WTF do you guys actually replace tyres every 2,000kms or so? 8-[
    How much do these bikes cost you to run???? :-s
  16. pretty much, i usually get around 2,000km out of a bt003rs on a bike that weighs under 130kg wet with around 40hp. fronts i can get a bit more out of. i dont change them when they get on the wear indicators though, still a bit more left.

    this is my rear tyre at around 1200 - 1500km.


    this bike especially costs alot to run as i have to rebuild the gearbox every 7,000km.
  17. I think they mean hard riding at the track, I got about 10,000ks out of my pilot powers on the street.

    They are getting replaced with diablo super rosso corsas or whatever they are soon for some track days and I only really go for quick weekend rides now anyway.

    Now that you guys mention it, the pilot powers do seem to slide around nicely. I have nothing else to compare them too but up in the twisties I can feel them slide around in the corners but its not scary at all, they just seem to handle it for you.