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Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat to creat PDFs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GoTeam, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. I'd like to creat a PDF using my scanner. Are there any freeware or shareware programs about that can do that?

  2. Have you checked the software that came with the scanner quite a few can do it direct...
  3. I'll second cutepdf, it's so easy and works a treat just select it as a printer and instead of printing it creates a pdf
  4. pdf995 is another option.

    As per cutepdf it becomes just another printer in your printer list and all you do is print the document to it and hey presto you have a PDF.
  5. November '09 PC Authority speaks highly of Nitro PDF Professional ($US99) Got their 'Recommended' sticker.....
  6. Zamzar works too as an online solution - but yeah, the software for my Epson scanner spits out pdfs natively (as one output option).
  7. Stigger, I have an old Canon FB630U. The software doesn't do a lot.

    It sounds like cutepdf is the one to try. Thanks everyone.
  8. Don't know if it's only a mac thing but any document that I want to print I then have the option of making it a pdf afterwards, regardless of what the document is.
  9. That's what cutepdf add to windows...
  10. i think you're all missing the question, he wants to SCAN to PDF not print to PDF. The scanner software usually does this or has the option to.

    Technically, yes, you could scan to a bitmap or something that the scanner software supports and then PRINT it to PDF using cutepdf but that's a 'workaround' :)
  11. Spawn, you're 100% correct. Considering it is a freebie, I'll live with the two stage process of scanning to JPEG then creating a PDF from multiple files.

    My scanner is old (9 years old) as is the software (ScanGear Toolbox) so scanning to JPG, TIF, BMP etc is all it will do. I've been to the Canon website and there's nothing extra listed under downloads for that scanner. That's the reason for my original question (and I don't think it is worth paying the hundreds that Acrobat will cost).
  12. what scanner is it? you should be able to simply download the software from the manufacturer's website if it isn't too old.
  13. Wouldn't consider it a massive workaround, as I'd imagine you'd need to edit the images anyway, unless you're not fussed about quality... It's just Open, then Print>CutePDF...