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VIC Alternative Voice Over For That TAC Advert

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RobE, May 4, 2012.

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    Deadman put me on to this. We should do all we can to show people what a practical safety advert could really look like.

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  2. Fantastic. sooo much better than the TAC one.
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    I don't get it, so how is the rider now at fault? So confused.
  4. Much better. Now why can't the tac spend OUR money on better ads?
    Plus you can leave comments on this version and NOT on the censored tac original.:-({|=
  5. Great alternative!

    You may be able to still post a comment on the 'censored' version. I did. But it took a few days to appear. Probably due to the abundance of comments they have to sift through. There also seems to be others who have posted the original video. So maybe go to the TACVictoria version and you'll be able to leave a comment there. (y)
  6. monumental improvement.
  7. Well done, very well done. This advert should be sent in to the Gruen Transfer on the ABC (if they still run that show); it's a prime example of how it should have been done better and how far off the mark they were.

    TAC is a great concept, and they have the potential to do great things, but they either need a new advertising team or a new management paradigm.

    If it weren't for the nagging emails and SPAM cr@p of FarceBook, I'd join up just to like this video.
  8. He's not. Perhaps you should watch it again.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Looks like others have been getting on the youtube video bandwagon too.. (apologies if this person is a netrider and I've stolen their thunder)..

  11. The rider is at fault for going just a bit fast. The driver is criminally at fault for pulling out into the rider's path.

    That is what the alternative voice-over says.

    But - the original advert makes it seem to be all the rider's fault for being a few kms over the limit. And that is the massage being seen on telly.

    It was good to see a reporter from The Age, who is a rider, put this story in the paper last week.

    The point is the TAC levy, that riders are slugged with, seems only to be spent on advertising aimed at scaring people away from motorcycles.

    The TAC should be presenting balanced safety advertising, like the alternative voice-over, and it should be encouraging people to ride to reduce peak traffic congestion and car parking problems.
  12. It is. Perhaps you should read it again!

    The important thing is, this TAC ad has brought out the best in us, and for that, I thank them. Very, very sincerely...