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Alternative to XVS650A Mid Size Cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by vanman, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. G'day

    I new around here.

    I'm in my naughty's, got a gut I have paid for and looking at getting a bike to commute and ride on the weekends.

    Tried a few bikes but most make me feel like a fat fart on a kids bike, the an old mate recommended I try a cruiser as it would better suit my body shape.

    Tried the Yamaha XVS650A liked the feel and for a change my feet reached the ground.

    Any other recommendations?

    I've got $8-10K to play with.


  2. Need to be LAMS legal or not?
    If not then there's the Honda VT750, Kawasaki Vulcan 900, and Suzuki M50 or C50 that might be worth a look.

    For learner legal there's really only the XVS650 or one of the 250 cruisers available new (or take your chances with the Hyosung which features detachable handlebars at no extra cost).

    2nd hand there's also the Yamaha Virago/XV 535 or Honda VT600 - plus maybe a few grey import 400cc cruisers.
  3. You mean my feet are meant to touch the ground? :?
  4. Suzuki M50.

    Do a search, lots of good comments on here about them and you should be able to get a new one in the upper end of your price range.
  5. ^ +1

    You should be able to get either an Suzuki M50 or C50 for the top end of your budget. M or C really depends on your style preference.
  6. Another vote for the M50. My first bike (3 months old) and first time riding, and I couldn't be happier.

    While I really have no experience of other bikes / styles etc, finding the M50 an easier bike to ride than the one I learnt to ride on for Qride for me speaks volumes.
  7. Had a M50 for a year/15000 klms, and it is a fantastic bike.

    Would have no hesitation in recommending it, It has no real vices, and suits perfectly the demographic of people who used to ride, riding again after a layoff. It doesnt demand high revs to get going, lets you be in the wrong gear, and get away with it, and corners better than the average cruiser. The rear brake will lock, but has feel, so you wont make the classic mistake when going too hot into a corner. Will work well as a commuter, tourer, or weekend plaything.

    I only released mine when a 109 became the desire. after 6 moths, and 12,000 klms, I like this one better, (shades of tim the toolman), rrr rrr
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  15. I bought a new VT750 Shadow in March for 9k ride away. I like the C50 as well but it was $1500 + ORC dearer. For the money, the Honda was a hard deal to beat.

    I commute 60km each way every day and find it pretty easy and forgiving to ride. Gets 4-4.5 l/100.

    I sold my last bike in '89 and finally got the chance to get back into riding after kids, mortgage et al were sorted.
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