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Alternative to M5 tunnel during peak hours (Sydney traffic))

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Going from the city to Beverly Hills, the most obvious route is Eastern Distributor then M5, but what's a good alternative to avoid the tunnel? Looking at Google maps, it seems Western Distributor > Darley Road > Canterbury Road > Bexley Road > M5 (just after the tunnel) looks alright, is there a better alternative?

  2. Hi luigi - you can also go via Botany rd, then Qantas / Airport drive onto Princess > Wollongong road (Anrcliffe), Forest rd (Bexley) then Stoney Creek Rd (Beverly Hills).
  3. southern cross drive and m5 are very easy to split tbh.

    I would also go to any length to avoid forest rd at bexley. There is a nice back route around there though, think you can come out a preddy's.
  4. I go from City (-ish) to Roselands via King St Newtown, then branch right to Enmore rd, Right Stanmore rd, New Canterbury rd & then Canterbury rd. It's relatively easy as it is clearway so traffic flows quite well (unless there is a major incident along the way, which there usually isn't). It's actually a shorter distance than taking the M5 & a great alternative. The M5/Southern Cross is ok after 7pm.
  5. I do the M5 tunnel almost every day and it is an absolute disgrace... why they only put 2 lanes each way is beyond me. My old 1989 FZR would overheat in the tunnel during a jam.

    If I have to go during peak hour, a good detour is through Earlwood (William St), up through Marrickville and onto Princes Hwy at Sydenham. Another good one from the city is Bourke St - O'Riordan St - Airport Dr - Princes Hwy - Forest Rd - Bexley Rd - M5.
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