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Alternative to leather pants/draggin jeans?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julien, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I'd bee really keen to hear your thoughts re what follows.

    I am a bit of a week end rider, not really into racing or exceeding speed limits. I am quite conscious of safety too. I've been wandering what protective gear I should get for my lower body. I used to have a pair of all weather Rjays pants but after 2 month, had a whole near my crotch (can't even imagine what would happen if I were to come off with those pants - ouch!)

    What I want is something convenient that I can wear without looking like I ride a bike and that protects me well. So I decided not to go for leather pants (they are also quite expensive). Draggin jeans seemed like a nice option but they cost around $250 (for nice looking ones) and it means that I only have one pair of pants for riding. Plus only kevlar on knees and arse.

    I thought I would buy the K-Legs from Draggin (kevlar leggings). That would enable me to wear whatever pants I have on top of them and I feel quite safe having kevlar all over my legs - not just my arse and my knees. Then I love my knees so I thought that I would need knee guards. The ones you put in Draggin jeans are fixed with velcro - I'm not too sure of how that would hold if you come off... So I thought I would buy a pair of Thor 09 Static Knee Guards - it looks quite comfy, not too heavy, holds well around your knee and not too big so I can still feel my tank between my legs.

    What do you guys reckon?
  2. What you intend to do sounds like about as good as you can do short of leather riding pants. I'm currently wearing articulated Axo TMKP knee/shin pads under my Hornees until I get around to leather riding pants to zip up to my jacket.
  3. the kevlar leggings are great, nice and breezy. just make sure to put on some large chunky knee pads, ones that curve around the sides of your knee too. getting hit in the side of the knee does a lot of damage if unprotected
  4. Something like the Ixon Ambitious Pants is what I would go for. Has everything you would want:

    * Adjustable velcro tightening at waist
    * Removable waterproof lining
    * Pre-formed knees with armour
    * Long zipped opening at ankle
    * Reflective piping and logos
    * Mesh cool air process panels

    The great thing is it has good knee armor and extra padding around the hips.

    If they looked like jeans then they would be perfect.

  5. Yeah good idea about side protection for knees. Are there any knee armour you guys would recommend? Anyone using knee armour and happy with it?
  6. Are happy with your Axo armour?
  7. Yeah, I'm happy with my Axo armour. It chafed the first time I had it on so put them over my jeans the next time I wore them. Its ok now that I'm more used to wearing them. If you're wearing the Draggin leggings then you won't have chafing issues with whatever you put on. I think the ones at the next price point up are held on with something similar to a compression bandage with some straps over the top. I think they're around the $150 mark too. My ones were about $70 for the pair and definitely worth buying IMO.
  8. i wear the axxo pads with the moving joint too.

    theyre ok, theyre reasonably comfortable under pants too. just make sure to put them under, not over the pants as i reckon the velcro would undo in a crash and the whole pad would come off
  9. I wear a pair of EVS knee/shin protectors under my dragging jeans. They are really comfy and don't slip - plus they only cost around $35/40. How much are the kevlar leggings? The Ixon look nice but way more than Draggings. I have an Ixon summer jacket that is very well made. Draggings should only be around $200-220.
  10. I am going to order the K-Legs for $230 from the Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.
  11. Gotta give a +1 for the EVS Knee/Shin Protectors. I wore them on my last couple of week long tours and they were really comfy and fit well.
  12. Hey mate which model of EVS protectors have got?
  13. I got the EVS SCO5 model from Maximoto, here in Adelaide.
  14. Body armour

    Julien, Check out actionstation.com and or bohn bodyarmour I think that your search will be over Murray.
  15. i ride to work everyday and i have to wear slacks to work and since theres no such thing as draggin slacks i think knee guards are the go
    been looking at these online and by the reviews they seem one of the best out there for the price but they have any side protection?
  16. Check out Bohn Body Armor here.

    They have an under-garmet system with armor protection for our knees, shins, thighs, hips and tailbone. Its all held in place with breathable lycra and the price is $159. You can also get armored under-shirts rom them.

    No affiliation, just saw it as I was readng through Road Rider and thought you might be interested.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. Weeell... they do have Chinos. Almost slacks. They might not quite pass muster in a corporate boardroom, though.

    I now use AXO MX knee/shin guards under some Shift MX overpants (cordura, not nylon!). Feels pretty safe, and can have normal slacks underneath.
  18. i did see these the other day they look good enuff for me at work
    safety before style

    whats the cordura? im a bit unsure about anything other than kevlar and leather because i know nylon melts in a high speed slide and that cordura feel to much like nylon to the touch so im iffy
  19. Cordura probably comes third after leather and kevlar in terms of abrasion resistance. It's the stuff most waterproof winter jackets and pants use as an outer shell. Coarser to touch than nylon, and much tougher.
  20. Cordura may technically be third in some abrasion measurements,

    I'd still much rather slide down the road in decent cordura gear than denim with Kevlar patches......(although draggins are a good compromise between no protection and the whole hog)