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Alternative to ear-in headphones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by whatisk, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. At this point in my riding career (~5 months), I have no intention of listening to music or taking phone calls while riding. So far, the only time I've worn headphones while riding is to hear the GPS app on my phone when needing directions. I have found the in-ear headphones a pain to keep in the ear while putting on the helmet. Inevitably one, if not both, will always come out as I put the helmet on. I bought a pair of cheap in-ear type headphones with the ear clip to see if they were any better at staying on when putting on the hemet. They were, but found they pulled at my ear when taking the helmet off.
    Not wanting to go for something that attaches to the side of the helmet like a Sena, etc, I went looking for another (cheap) solution and came to the conclusion of finding some headphones I could modify so that the could attach to the speaker gaps in the helmet. Looking in the local K-Mart, etc they had what I was looking for, but they all seemed quite thick. Then I came across the Panasonic RPHS46 Slim Clip-on Headphones. Didn't have much luck finding them locally, but found them on eBay for ~$14 delivered from the UK. First criteria met - cheap. They come in black or white. I just got white because they were cheaper...

    They are thin. 9.9mm according to the package. So, another criteria met.

    I bought some velcro dots and put one on the back of the headphones and the other in the speaker wells of the helmet. I then run the cord out the back behind the cushioning.

    I've decided to keep the ear clips on rather than cut them off so that if I ride somewhere and then want to listen to music, I can. You can see a bit of them in the pic above. The black velcro dot on the back of the white headphone looks a little weird if wearing them as intended, but for $16 total cost, I can live with it - or look around for some white velcro dots and change them.

    So far it seems like it should work fine, I can get the helmet on and off with no issues. Though I haven't ridden while using them yet to see how I go hearing things when at speed. Hopefully it should be okay. As long as I can hear the directions being given, I'll be happy :)

    Once I've gone for a ride while using them, I'll report back here for anyone interested.
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  2. Surely the whole point of headphones whilst riding is to keep wind noise OUT and music noise IN. These look to fail on all fronts.

    Let us know how you go with them though.
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  3. But are you wearing earplugs to protect your hearing? My experience is that earplugs damp out any sort of speaker...
  4. So, what you are saying then is that the Sena, Interphone, etc bluetooth headsets also fail on all fronts. Granted they provide more functionality than what I've done though and would be amplified, but I'm guessing they also wouldn't keep the wind noise out. As I said, the only time I wear headphones is to hear the GPS directions and I just found it a pain keeping the in-ear ones in place while putting on the helmet. The whole exercise is just an experiement to try and find a more convenient solution, hence not spending a lot of money. If it doesn't work, then back to the in-ear ones on the rare occasion I use them.

    Thanks. Will keep this in mind if the volume is too quiet while riding and decide to pursue this further.

    No, I don't wear earplugs while riding.
  5. I use earmolds along with standard SMH10 helmet speakers. Can hear MrsMessy fine and she me with same setup, and the wind noise from my own helmet AND that which makes it past the signal processors of the SMH10 are very effectively blocked out.
    I tried my earmolds with speakers but the SMH10/Zumo660 (one or the other or both...) has a tiny bit of Bluetooth noise which is horrible when its right in your ears!
  6. Same Mr Messy, l use earmolds with SM10 and also find this very effective and comfortable
  7. I use the SMH10 with or without earplugs. With earplugs, the music is damped a little, but the reduction in windnoise seems to compensate. I can still hear the music fine.

    I have the adaptor to use earbuds/speaker earmolds if I want to. I don't like earbuds, and I haven't gotten around to getting the earmolds done yet.

    I should use my earplugs all the time, but I don't like them much either. If I don't get them exactly right, they hurt my ears. A technique issue I assume.
  8. On that greydog, i tested the smh10 with the earmolds with speakers today, they are great.
    It is my zumo that causes a little high pitched squeal when connected, but smh10 to smh10 or to phone it seems quite fine.
    The wind noise from other mic can be annoying, if that what you use it for. But then, why have an open connection all the time too if you arent talking :p.
  9. Do you mean ear molds with speakers in the molds or ear molds and the speakers in the helmet?
  10. In that post i meant the speakers in the molds.
  11. How and where do these get manufactured. Sounds like it would solve wind noise and sound quality all in one ,sorry two , units.
  12. Find your local earmolder at earmold.com.au . It takes about 1/2 hour to make the mold.
  13. Thanks Mate, already been on to them.