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Alternative snow gear...?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_messy, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. This may sound like it's in the incorrect place but read on...

    I'm heading to Mt Bulla this weekend for 7 days! YAY!

    Anyway, I bought my ski jackets and pants and it got me wondering if I should have spent it on winter motorcycling gear.
    I haven't got any proper winter riding gear and I was wondering I should have bought say, for example, Dri Rider Alpine jacket and pants instead of the snow gear.
    Will motorcycle winter gear be enough to keep out the freezing snow?
    I figure it has armour and all which will comes in handy. Its water proof. It's similar in price to snow jackets and pants, they join together, etc....
    Has anyone tried it?
  2. Having absolutely frozen my butt off on a ride in the Southern Highlands this past weekend I can say with absolute certainty that having proper winter gear makes all the difference!

    As for using motorcycle gear for the snow fields.... I guess if you are craptacular on the slopes the armour will come in handy :LOL:

    Seriously though I dont think you can compare the two as they are for very different purposes.
  3. haha I learnt to snowboard with my Dri Rider Alpine and wrist guards on, learnt quicker than all of my mates! And ended the day with no wrist/elbow/back pain!
  4. do it if you want to broil yourself. its bad for your gear also.
    go rent some stuff
  5. nah, won't damage your gear, this was 6 years ago and my Dry Rider is still fine, oh accept the bits that the bitumen has 'eaten'..

    Wear compression gear underneath and you will be fine, I did however have to remove the inner linning on the sunnier days.

    What makes you think soft wet snow would damage a Dry Rider?
  6. Bike gear doesn't generally breath as well as snow gear, so it will keep perspiration in a bit more. Other than that, it will do the job, and it may well be better at keeping the slushy stuff out.
  7. having frozen a few times on the bike it prepared me for the snow pretty well

    neck warmers, thermals etc are the go

    and they make a maasive difference in really cold weather on the bike and the slopes
  8. well working in the snow for 4 years here and os taught me a few things about what can happen. hey its good yours is ok.