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Alternative route Adelaide to Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by AndrewB, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I am heading off to the BMW Safari in 5 weeks. I will riding to the start point Jenolan Caves over 2 days and am will doing my best to stay off the main road... Any suggestions of alternative routes?

  2. Via Broken Hill perhaps?

  3. Follow the coast to Queenscliff, ferry to Sorento, follow the coast again, till you're near enough to head inland to the caves.

    I know it's a lot longer, but, IMHO it beats being bored to death inland.
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    20150701_141107. I recently rode over to Mildura from Sydney and while there are a lot of dead straight roads the shear open space has it's own appeal, turning 360 degrees with nothing in site but a curious emu was pretty cool, then there is the history of all those little towns.
    I'd follow the Murrumbidgee and the Murry which will lead you into/out of Adelaide, plenty of camping spots or hotels along the way.

    Edit: if you do go through Mildura there is a section the locals call spider bends, 100kph zone with a heap of 25kph rated corners as flat as a race track through the winery's and when I was there almost no traffic. I'll post more info if you need it.
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  5. Adelaide - A8 - Ballarat - Daylesford - Bendigo - A300 - Benalla - Wangaratta - Beechworth - Wodonga - Bonegilla - Lake Hume Village - Murray River Road - Jingellic -Tumbarumba - Adelong - Tumut - Gundagai - Cootamundra - Harden - Boorowa - Cowra - Bathurst - O'Connell - Oberon - Jenolan Caves.
    1663 Kms. It is 330 to 414 Kms longer than the most direct routes but takes in some stunning scenery and some great roads.
  6. you gotta stick to the coast as much as you can..have done it a few times taking different routes (with bikes and cars too) and nothing beats riding next to the coast. yes it is longer, but it is worth to stick to the coastal routes I think...
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    Thanks for the idea's ... I am going to come back via the coast road... The Safari concludes in Bairnsdale so a comfortable two day trip home..

    This is a great route but not sure I have enough time... Leaving Adelaide on Sat and need to be at Jenolan caves mid Sunday afternoon to get my tyres changed.

    Agree... Thats the plan on the way back.

    Great looking bike I use to have the CB750
  8. I have ridden sections of this route over the years, and agree the roads and scenery are great... I will make a few amendments and take this route.... Many thanks for the suggestion and jogging my memory