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Alternative fuels

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Funky Munky, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. I ran out of petty the other day :oops: :LOL: and had to bus it to a petty station and back. I was in there looking at the stuff they had and wondered if I could methylated spirits. Anyone done this? Anything bad happen? I checked the labels and it said it was 98% Ethanol. I'd like to know for next time instead of buying a jerry and 5 bucks of fuel too.

    (Cost me $35 all up :oops: :cry: :roll: )
  2. How accurate is your fuel gauge?
    I'd be inclined to get that checked if it didn't let you know you were about to run out of fuel.
    On my bike I can be fairly sure that when the "nearly empty" light comes on that I have another 30kms before it runs dry.
  3. Not sure that bikes/cars can run on 100% ethanol unless converted/tuned to do so. I know that there was some hoohar over petrol containing more than 10% ethanol here in Vic as it was said that it damaged car engines.
  4. Yes and no. Ethanol might rot some plastic components. If your bike has carbies it'll need rejetting[1], fuel injected bikes that use o2 sensors and can adust for octane *might* run fine.
    You feeling lucky?
    I'd be inclined to be a bit more careful about not running out.

    http://running_on_alcohol.tripod.com/index.html for more.


    [1] but you shouldn't need to change your sprockets. ;)
  5. This was a furphy (great Victorian word, that), about this last year in NSW, but it's simply not true, it was promoted by the oil companies. As mentioned in another thread, Brazil has 25% or more of its cars running ethanol blend, and has just produced the world's first ethanol-powered airplane! I wouldn't be experimenting with metho, though, it's very had on your kidneys!!!
  6. So its not advisable then? I was thinking of using it as just an emergency thing.

    My bike doesn't have a fuel gauge. Ran too far on reserve.
  7. Gadzooks, that's pushing the minimalist envelope. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Yes Brazil is running cars on ethanol but to do so they are fitted with:
    -preheating on the air intake and inlet manifold
    -Modified carbs to provide more fuel (ideal mix is 9 to 1)
    -Increased compression ratio
    -Modified fuel tank, fuel pump and carb bodies to reduce corrosion
    -Timing is advanced
    -Starting aids, since engines won't start on ethanol due to its lower volatility
    Alcohol powered cars also use 15-20% more fuel than an equivalent petrol powered engine. The problem with ethanol addition into petrol was due largely to the corrosive nature of ethanol which may have lead to leaks in the fuel delivery system (fuel pumps, fuel lines/fittings etc.) leading in turn to engine fires.
  9. You'd run lean and very hot, if you were unlucky enough to get it started.

    Then you would put a hole in a piston.

    If your petrol was running low and you weren't going to make it to the servo, you could probably get away with 50:50 for a very short period of time.

    Otherwise don't!
  10. Cheers, thats all I wanted to know. Short and simple: DON'T USE METHO.

    You speaking from experience?
  11. Metho with Brown boot polish gives a better colour
    Metho with Black boot polish gives a better FLAVOUR
  12. Now YOUR talking from experience!
  13. Yes/No. Havn't done it, but my knowledge and experience with motors tell me what will happen.

    You need to pup more alcohol into an engine. So if your carbies are jetted for petrol, it won't get enough fuel.

    Also lean mixtures mean hotter temperature. That means engine damage.

    i also know that you can get away with up to 30 Methanol in fuel without causeing long term damage.

  14. CAN AND WILL Damage a bike engine.. I got some contaminated Fuel from the shell in Fairfield last year... $8 worth of fuel and it cost me $800+ :shock: :shock: :shock: :evil: :x to get it back on the road... I wouldn't put anything but pure fuel in a bike if you want it to continue running :? :p
  15. Another way to get around not having a fuel gauge is to rezero your tripmeter and if you know how many kms you get from a tank, you can use that as a guide as to how many kms you've got left.
    Don't know whether a VTR250 has a trip meter.
  16. Sure it wasn't methanol?
  17. That's what I do. Use the trip meter (on a '99 VTR250)

  18. Not sure what it was but the 'fuel' F#*%ed with my enigne good and propper... and SHell denied there was anything in the fuel and refused to pay the bill.... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I was not happy :cry:
  19. Yeah I use the tripmeter as well. I knew I needed petty but didn't get to the petty station in time. :( ;D
    Undii, how many kms do you get out of a full tank? If i'm easy on it I'll get about 400. If I'm floggin it I'll get about 300.
  20. I get 200 before the light comes on and don't tend to ride much more than that before stopping to pick up the petty. :D