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Alternate Beemer 12v aux plugs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Any Beemer buffs in here? I am trying to find a surce for 12v aux power connector plugs for my R1150R. The genuine BMW plug is ridiculously expensive. The must be an alternative, I can't believe BMW have these made just for them.

  2. I have heard that there are some tractor plugs available.

    Have a look somewhere around http://www.ibmwr.org I seem to recall something being posted there some time back in the tech pages.

  3. Just go to your John Deer tractor dealer. :LOL:
    John deer make some, or if you don’t have one of those locally any car accessory place will have them to Narva or Hella make the same plugs $6—$8 for the last lot that I got.

    Look for the ones with a long center pin (positive)
    good luck
  4. Bullseye! TonyE, thanks for that.

    I found a universal plug that fits both a standard cigar lighter socket, and the Beemer one. Perfect for my GPS as I now only need one cable for both car and bike.
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  6. Trust these Bemmer people to be putting in free plugs.
  7. See your friendly Bursons Auto Parts, both Hella and Narva have sockets and plugs in their current catalog.
    The BMW is a re-labelled Hella.
  8. Thanks all........a surfiet of plugs, plugs to left, plugs to the right...ohhh the plugs...THE PLUGS....

    Sorry....medication just kicked in.....sorry....sorrrr zzzzzzzzzzz