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Altercation with a parking officer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by awseome, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. i just need some opinion hence posting it on here.

    yesterday i was waiting for a mate to come down from his office in 1 queens rd, those familiar with the building would know there is a particular spot. though not designated but higly used for pickups and drops, but anyways i was waiting in the car when this parking officer knocked on the window, first thing he says move your car or i will book ya. i said fine will move it but you dont need to be rude. so he just became ruder, so i said can i get your name and council he would'nt give me his name. but i insisted so he says "Bob" and no second name, so anyways i drive of came back looking to park, no parking still but the splay in front of 1 qr is used by couriers and removalists, there was a truck which was leaving so i drove in and waited for my mate, as soon as he came i started driving off, this guy comes running and shouts at me, now u have 2 fines, so neways that pissed me off so i parked and asked him to give me the fines and the reason for them and plus i asked him to show me his ID, refused on all counts he says get in your car and drive away or i will book ya..!! and i am like for what? i am parked with a ticket. and how can you mail me my fines when i am right there. anyways i complained about him to the council, and they were quite cooperative, they told me his nmae was not Bob and he could not threaten me with fines etc..

    but in this case can he still fine me or mail me parking fines? i was in the car and was not in a no standing zone. also the splay in front of 1 qr is private property.
  2. " soon as he came i started driving off, this guy comes running and shouts at me"

    missed your opportunity there to take care of Bob for good
  3. No such thing as a No Standing zone.

    The S is for No Stopping these days.
  4. its was not any S zone. there is no s sign there
  5. I'd have taken his photo.

    'OK "Bob", I'll be sending this photo with my official complaint'
  6. Did you ask him why the police rejected him as an applicant?
  7. Apart from the usual quality responses to a serious question, yes they can tell you they will fine you if you don't move, this gives you the option then to not receive a fine.
    They can also send the fines in the mail, received plenty via mail when parking truck in sydney's CBD.
  8. Oh ok so I should be fine as I moved
    immediately. He was just rankled cox
    I asked for his name. And came back
    to park on the splay.
  9. Yep should be fine. What I don't get is how him telling you to move on or get a fine is rude. He could have just fined you which would have pissed me more. The other point is, if it wasn't a No stopping area due to know signs, what did the signs that were there say? Lastly, why should he have to give you his name especially if he hasn't asked for yours? The police don't have to do it in Victoria, why would a parking inspector?
  10. If you were parked illegally somewhere, and they see you, they can book you and send it in the mail.
    There has been many useless reports on A Current Affair showing parking rangers hiding behind trees, e.t.c., taking photos , then sending the fine later.

    You have said that you were asked/told to move, which you did, but then you came back to park again in the same spot/area. Just because others park there, do you think that it is ok for you to do so, answer must be yes, as you chose to do it twice.
    I would guess that there is signs somewhere there indicating no stopping, or something similar. How many other vehicles there also received a fine for parking there??
  11. Nup it's not the same spot. Not that stupid
    there is spot on the property which is not
    council land. I normally park there if i am
    waiting for someone, as for asking his for his ID
    any one is entitled to do that. And I get this from
    his direct supervisor.
  12. Since when are police allowed to refuse identifying themselves if you ask them for it?
  13. Came about after the issues with WEF. Now if they ask for your name you have the right to ask them theirs. They are under no legislated compulsion to give you theirs if you walk up to them and ask them for theirs and they haven't asked yours.
  14. Crimes Act 1958 refers:

  15. in this it dosent make a difference, as he was directly interacting with me, so asking for his name was not something out of the ordinary, in fact his super said he should have told me his name and his number. in the end i had to actually describe him physically.
  16. Yes in this case of course that's the case, a parking officer though is a public servant/council officer and must give a name when requested whilst doing their duties.
  17. As stated above. He hadn't asked the OP's name. Nor am I aware of any legislation governing the requirement for a Parking Warden to give his name. I was replying to your question about police having to give names. If you read back I was questioning why he would have to do it if police don't.

    Awesome wrote:
    But my point was - He hadn't asked your name and address. Police can intereact with people and until they have asked a persons name and address are not compelled to give theirs. His boss may say he is required but I would like to know under what doctrine this is required. I am not saying it doesn't exist. I would just like to know what it is.
  18. I think smee answered that
  19. Can you give the source for this?
  20. I don't think so. A belief that something should happen doesn't mean that it is what is supposed to happen. I just don't see why there is more cause for a council worker to provide details than a police officer. I'll stand corrected if proven otherwise. It is just a point of interest.

    Thanks to Lilley for proof reading.