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Alt-Battery Powered Heated Gloves from Zarkie

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Salt n Vinegar, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. After getting completely sick of frozen hands I decided to bite the bullet and invest in the new Venture Heat, Alt Heated Gloves from Zarkie. I decided to write a review on them based on my positive experiences.

    My initial worries about getting heated gloves have been speculative over how bulky they would be. This new version of heated glove claim to strip away much of the bulk of it's predecessors while retaining the protection needed to keep your hands warm. After trying these on I immediately realized that these are not bulky at all, and quite frankly I compare them directly to my current riding gloves that I use all year round.

    The gloves themselves are ultra comfortable. These mitts are using what is touted as a revolutionary next generation lining that has been termed Dintex, a thermoplastic polyurethane. Dintex is a special membrane engineered with state of the art technology guaranteed to keep you dry with comfort from inside to the outside while keeping the highest level of breath-ability. These gloves hit the pinnacle of comfort, and something I never expected out of them.

    They have done a magnificent job with the inside heating elements. Heating the top of your hands which then extend down the length of your fingers and up to your finger tips. The ultra cold weather down here in Victoria seem to be negated with these gloves. I don't use bark busters or heated grips but these gloves have done a great job in achieving their intended purpose. My hands no longer have the cold unresponsive feelings given by a consistent cold riding chill.

    The heating elements come in 3 settings. High, low and medium which are discerned by the colour of its power button. Red is high, yellow is medium and green is low. The designers have done an impressive job with a great looking visual approach to deduce the settings they are currently on. Once turned on you can feel the heat flowing through the gloves immediately, giving close to instant heat with no ramp up time. I expected that it would take time to get to it's desired levels of heat but the heating drives to it's desired levels within seconds.

    Getting the batteries in and out of the gloves are easy as slipping your gloves on and off. Turning the pouch inside out, clipping in the battery and putting it back into its home pouch is a process that is done in no time at all. The battery pouch is located at the bottom of your wrist, what I think is a great position out of the way and out of sight.

    The gloves came with a lithium battery for each glove as well as a charger, some instructions and a storage case.

    With everything I have purchased in the past for my motorbike, these gloves rank second in terms of worth. The first being an after market seat for my Duke 390. I can no longer imagine riding life without these gloves and I'm sure others will feel the same after using them.

    At $229 these gloves are not cheap. At maybe the same cost of heated grips installed, these win over the fight if you only can have one. As I can only afford one hands heating accessory I gambled on these gloves and I feel that wager has quite definitely paid off in leaps and bounds.

    These gloves have given me the consistent inspiration to ride in colder weather, where before I was halted by it. They have single-handedly risen me up above the cold of mother nature to boost my enjoyment of riding.

    With perfect state of the art engineering technologies mixed with the latest tailoring techniques, these gloves are (for their intended purpose) the best pair of mitts on the market. I can't recommend these any higher.

    I no longer fear the cold with these gloves as I once did.

    20160706_135606. 20160706_135334. 20160706_135446.
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  3. I assume you wear these under your riding gloves?

    The two motorcycle gloves aren't a bad price if they are a good glove to start with.
  4. They are a standalone glove. You can buy separate heating glove warmers which are worn underneath your gloves, but these gloves are (I assume) meant to be worn with nothing but themselves.
  5. Good write up. What sort of battery life do you get?

    • Low / Blue 8 Hours
    • Medium / White 4 Hours
    • High / Red 2.5 Hours
    Alt Battery Heated Gloves

    My hands were quite comfy on low, and felt sweaty on high where with my old gloves my hands would of been completely frozen.
  7. The pics you posted aren't motorcycle gloves and would offer little protection, they are just regular gloves I think. Motorcycle gloves look very different.
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  8. It's missing those hard knuckle protectors. A loss I'm personally willing to sacrifice. The way I see it, cold hands are in itself a safety issue, so I guess I can say I've given up one safety aspect for another.
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  10. In a slide, these will melt nicely into the skin on your hands.
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  11. thanks for the write up and info
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  14. I agree with you that cold is a safety issue and that you are safer riding with warm hands than frozen ones to retain control of the bike. It's what happens if you go down that is the issue. Your argument is like saying "I'm wearing my down jacket instead of leathers because I get cold on the bike." It'll keep you warm but has no protection in an off.

    In a low speed fall, these gloves are better than nothing, but only slightly. At highway speed, quite frankly you might as well be in bare hands, albeit warm ones.

    There are several issues aside from hard armour which is useful but not essential.
    1. Motorcycle gloves are designed to stay on your hand in a crash. The gloves you pictured have no restraining system beyond a little elastic. The glove is no use if it's not on your hand.
    2. Motorcycle gloves are stitched so that they don't come apart at the seams as soon as they hit the road. See point one above.
    3. Motorcycle gloves are usually made of materials that don't have a low melting point. Leather, cordura, keprotec etc, The ones you have pictured are a nubuck leather palm with an ultrasuede back. The nubuck leather has had most of it's abrasion resistance abraded off as that's how it's made but it's better than nothing if it holds together. The ultrasuede is not leather at all, but a synthetic microfiber that will offer no abrasion resistance at all and may actually melt into your skin in a slide requiring skin grafts to remove it. So if you are using these at highway speeds I hope you like the colour it could be with you for a while.
    I would have thought that when their motorcycle gloves are $20 cheaper than these, it would be a no brainer to go for the better protection as well as the heating albeit with the need to plug them into a power source on the bike rather than having the battery which I will concede is a rather cool system and can be used for off bike activities too.

    When it comes right down to it what protection you choose to wear is up to the individual, but if you have the information, then at least it's an informed decision to take on extra risk.
  15. the liners arrived yesterday, they are thin, well made and fit under my gloves nicely. I will post up some pics on the weekend and also go for a ride with them on. the batteries charge up pretty quickly and after wearing them around the house for a short while they do warm up quick. the heating elements appear to run up the sides of the fingers.
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  16. These would be a better buy I think:
    12V Heated Carbon Street Gloves