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Also 50+ Starting out

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BrashDaniels, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. The law changing in QLD prompted me that I've always wanted to ride more but never got a round tuit.
    SO I got the L's - now to find a decent course on the Gold Coast (open to suggestions) -

    I'm thinking one on one day followed by some practice days, then assuming I enjoy myself and don't break much - bike shopping - Not too small - not too big - somewhere in between - something that will commute to Brisban and back on fine days without leaving me broke or stranded...

    Hope to pick up some tips to keep rubber on the road and a smile on the dial.

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  2. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels BrashDanielsBrashDaniels...... You will not regret it :)
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  3. Hellloooo :)
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  4. gday BrashDanielsBrashDaniels and welcome to NR you old codger - plenty of 50yrs young members here. we love to ride provided we can remember where we left our keys, and our bikes! have fun shopping mate and when you have enough posts up please share some pics with us.
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  5. Welcome mate :cool:
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  6. Welcome BD. Been a long time and many changes since I got my learners and license, so can't help you much there. But once you get your bike and some gear check the ride announcement section here. There are a few here on the Goldie that do some "organised" rides and everyone will offer tips to help keep you shiny side up!
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  7. From a 50+ 'returnee', welcome!
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  8. Howdy BrashDanielsBrashDaniels

    Congrats on taking a few steps towards a 2 wheeled obsession! :)

    The riding schools along Lawrence drive are all pretty good in all their courses for Qride. They all pretty much teach you the basics and then it's up to you to practice practice and practice, and choose what other training - if any you want. I went through this school - Q Ride QRide Training — Ph: 5596 4938 for Motorbike licence and Scooter training Gold Coast and they certainly had good fun teachers (with patience) to be able to put up with me. lol

    They can also give you a go with a few or their bikes to try and see what you may lean towards getting. They'll also be able to give you more unbiased info on the bikes than sales people will. So pick their brains as much as possible.

    As far as rides and practice; keep your eyes on the Events section on this forum. There will be bits and bobs popping up for social rides etc. The other thing if you want to join up with a much larger group with closer interests you can always check out Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club of the Gold Coast These guys hold quite a few 'dos' and through the week too.

    As far as what bike - ask that question again once you've done your course and you've thrown your leg over as many as you can, you'll be surprised what you may end up with. But check out and ask many Q's in the forum since there will be lots of good and slightly crazy suggestion on here hehehe

    Good luck!
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  9. good luck. at 58 i decided to do the same thing. now 59yr + 364 days young. done 18000 km of fun around melb and country vic. practice is the key.
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  10. Welcome to the forum mate
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  11. Welcome to the forum mate, sit on as many bikes as you can, for longer distances I'd recommend going with one of the 650cc class LAMS bikes.
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  12. happy 60th for tomorrow dude!
  13. That seems to be the concensus - my only real concern with bigger bikes is my frame - I have short arms and legs despite being 5'11'' - and bikes with wild power bands.
    Hopefully the advice and support I see here and out and about will lead me to the right one for me.
  14. Thanks for the welcome - Well done and many happy returns (revs?) for the day ....
  15. welcome aboard :)

    Good luck for the Ls & the bike hunting :)
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  16. Geee we got some old bugger here....................Happy 60 th for you.
    Welcome to NR from Adelaide
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  17. You'd be lucky to find a LAMS bike with a "wild power band." These bikes are generally restricted to avoid that sort of thing. You'll also find bigger capacity doesn't always correlate to bigger ergonomics. The thing with a larger capacity bike is that they don't have to work as hard as a smaller capacity bike to maintain speed, handy for trips to Brisvegas and back. Eg: I see a few Suzuki GS500's on the highway between Brisvegas and the XXXX Gold coast, and they look like a reliable, comfortable, easy to use bike.

    Ha ha - now I bet I've started the best LAMS bike debate!
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  18. Welcome young fella...
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  19. Welcome to NR

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  20. I'm attracted to the smaller bikes but I can already see a single mightn't last the distance. So I've included the mid range CB400-500s in my shopping list . The two guys at work who ride ( what girls ride all ride scooters) both ride larger bikes. One a Gladius and the other a Suzuki GS500. Definitely a popular model. There's no less than 3 KTM 390s within one block from work - but those must be local rides because their tank range is not ideal for the Gold Coast run.

    As I go through the model lists I'm quickly learning what you say about power bands - the SV650 is LAMS but the R6 isn't and so on. Lessons this week. Then sitting and shopping...