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N/A | National Already a tragic TT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. an Ex-Aussie sidecar rider, and solo Englishman Paul Shoesmith have both died and there's only been two races, plus practices, completed.....

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    horrible news - RIP Dwight and Paul

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  3. You have to wonder if it has a future at all in this day and age of health and safety overload, not to mention the litigation aspects of modern life. When you look at the lengths they go to in circuit racing generally to minimize the risk to drivers/riders you have to wonder if circuits like the Isle of Man are an endangered species.
  4. McsennaMcsenna i was just formulating a similar response as I was reading down the thread and got to your post at the bottom. I'd love to go next year as like you I'm not sure how long even such a long standing tradition as the TT will be allowed to go on for.

    The other half wants to visit family in Europe next June, which happens to be quite convenient for this venture of mine. The planning stage has begun :p
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  5. Not just a tragic TT but that just adds to an already tragic road racing season a young Manx rider named Malachi Mitchell-Thomas died at NW200 who along side Billy Redmayne who died a month ago at the gold cup was one of the biggest up and coming talents in road racing... And another rider died last week in the classic TT as well, Very sad indeed.
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  6. Steve VtecSteve Vtec I agree Mate. Being a Pom I can't believe the amount of times I watched it on the box but never actually went. Brands Hatch was only 40 minutes down the road and I rarely went there either. Slack lazy fcuker.
    However, a couple of my Ducati / Triumph riding mates back home go every year with a crowd (or 'did' at least). They hire(d) the same house on the Island every year. I'm going to drop them a line to see if it's still an event for them - and if so may look to tee up next year also.

  7. They have a different way of looking at things there, it's up to the riders to take and manage the risk and whilst they are trying to make it safer I don't think they will ever stop racing on the roads. The Dunlop family is the perfect example of the road racing mentality
  8. RIP to two racers. All these guys know the dangers and go in to the event with their eyes wide open. Although it is still a tragic things for their family, friends and fans the love of racing transcends all. Irish Road Racing and the IomTT are exciting remnants of a racing industry that is becoming more and more sanitised. Long may they continue.
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  9. Is the success of the TT nowadays not also it's own worse enemy? Many more riders now have this on their bucket list to do.

    Should they introduce a LAMS class if it's your first year doing it? Or smoehow make sure that you are deemed competent before letting you loose?
  10. The newcomers to iom go out on there first laps paired up with seasoned riders who virtually escort them around to help learn the course. There isn't much else more you can do.
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  11. GeorgeOGeorgeO if they do that some idiot on the panel will decide it's too dangerous and call it off. Best they don't adopt the Australian methodology and let Darwin take whom he takes. Even a non motorcyclist watching those videos would be a bit scared of the speed, so I like to think most of us holding the keys to our two wheeled chariots know enough to know we shouldn't ever go that fast, and id also like to think that the few who think they should, should train and equip themselves accordingly and make a reasonable decision on whether or not to move forward in that direction.

    But as stated, it's probably not long until a ban or at least some censorship. Hopefully I'll get there next year!!!
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  12. I agree, the bigger and faster it is the more fans are attracted.

    you may be right about the licencing. I watched an episode the other night and they said first year riders are put towards the back but maybe a separate class limited to say 600 would help.

    Paul Shoesmith had been riding TT since 2005 and Dwight Beare had been at it since 2014. I guess even the pros can have an off day and at those speeds a tiny error can have terrible results.

    'nothing good happens fast'

    here's a copy of last year's course app, just FYI
  13. When i lost my virginity that was fast and also good, so I think you're wrong ;-)
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  14. I start filling that out right now. Lol
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  15. Yep and they also have to qualify for the TT by completing other road races first, EG the NW200.

    If there are no other deaths this year at the IOM, then this will be right on average.

    Pretty sure the total death toll since its inception has an average of just under 2.5 per year.
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  16. I didn't think the meeting will ever be stopped and I'm not suggesting that it should be: after all even on an ultra-sanitised track like Catalunya riders can die. As long as the riders and the officials can balance the spectacle with the risks it should stay, but it's hard to believe that the nanny-staters won't eventually have something to say.

    (How many mountain climbers die each year???)
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  17. Luckily the Isle of Man has its own independent government (which is over 1000 years old) which is pro TT as they see the benefits of it to their island.

    This is a large income maker for them and the whole island.

    I cant see it being ruled against by the Manx locals or their representatives anytime soon.

    It would be akin to an Australian state or commonwealth gov banning speed cameras due to safety concerns as drivers focus too much attention on the speedo instead of looking where they are going.
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  18. Even limiting new riders to 250's could still be fatal, their literally is just no room for error with the surroundings being very unforgiving.
    I have full respect for every rider who decides to ride the course.
  19. I have an odd question, wondering if anybody knows the answer. Every time I see the IOM race I'm astounded at the speed and rider skills through what are essentially normal roads that go through villages etc. So the question is this - is there some sort of local rule/law/understanding that requires residents to lock up dogs/cats and so on, to prevent them from somehow getting onto the road and causing a major threat to their own and riders' lives? Never seen one, but I'm always thinking "bloody hell what if a dog ran out there...".
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