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Alpinestars zipper

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hobbsie, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I need the top half of a zipper to attach to my RS taichi jacket so that I can zip it to my A* pants.

    Anyone know where I can get one of these? I would just replace the zipper, but i want to keep the alpinestars zip as I have an alpinestars jacket that I use as well.
  2. Both my a* pants and jackets came with the zipper but both parts, didnt they do that for you?
  3. Your RS Taichi jacket should have come with the lower half of a zip, why don't you attach that to the pants instead?
  4. What OP wants to do is zip Astar pants to an RStaichi jacket. This is not possible. you should buy RStaichi pants if you want to achieve a two piece suit using your jacket.

    EDIT: you will ruin your nice taichi jacket if you try to put a zip on it, not to mention it will never really be strong enough for it to actually keep the pants and jacket together if you had a crash.
  5. I'm hoping the OP wasn't going to do it himself :)

    If you don't have the upper half of the zipper from your A* pants, then you'll have to fit a matching connection zipper to both garments for them to be compatible. If you also still want to use the A* jacket, well that means more time under the machine.
  6. I don't get it. The jacket comes with a zip, why can't you just remove the current zip from the A* pants, and replace with the RS Taichi zip?
  7. He wants to still attach the A* pants to an A* jacket.
  8. I don't have the top half zip for my a* pants. That's basically what i want.
  9. Similar problem for me.. Anyone know where I can get the bottom half of a Dainese zip? I want to attach some scorpion pants to my dainese jacket.
  10. You can always get a new connection zipper fitted on both the jacket and the pants, but obviously, it's twice the work/cost.
  11. In the end I just emailed Monza Imports, the Australia distributor for alpinestars, and they sent me a connection zipper free of charge :).
  12. Now I have another question along these lines..

    Hiside leathers are apparently the guys to see in brissy for leather gear alterations. They want $50 to sew the zip into the jacket in place of the existing connection zipper.. seems a bit expensive? If anyone has had this done before where did you go?

    Note that it won't actually be sewn into leather, just the material where the current zipper is.
  13. find a place where they do alterations, if its material to be sewn to then they might be able to help?
  14. Damn that's awesome..
    Anyone know who the Aussie distributor is for Dainese?
  15. $50 is reasonable. Don't cut costs and let a regular tailor loose on your bike gear, go and see Phil at Hiside

    Cassons (MCAS).