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Alpinestars Velocity jacket... Where to get?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_sikma, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. they are going to have to be tried on so dont want to get them from overseas...
  2. Maybe try and find a similar existing style here in AUS and try it on for size.

    Then order from OS, may save you a few bucks ;)
  3. i like the look of that, wonder if there will be other colours
  4. Looks like a nice jacket to match KTM's hero colours.
  5. Rider's Discount in the states. They are more than happy to help with fitment - send TJ an e-mail and he'll sort you out.

    Don't think they'll be out here for a little while.
  6. damn thats a nice looking jacket. just google it and get it from the us. try on some in aust though to make sure the sizing is correct
  7. Did you have any luck with this one Sikma? I'm thinking of buying it from Riders Discount.
  8. ktm colors , ill be giving that a miss , ktm suck
  9. shut your face.

    ktm could beat your mum in a race and shes as fast as she is ugly
  10. Haha, I love little throwaway lines like that.

    Could be HD colours if you'd prefer that?
  11. Use Aplinestar's sizing chart to figure out which 2 sizes fit the best, then order both from riders discount because they charge flat rate shipping. Try both when they arrive, keep one that fits, ebay the other.

    Even if you lose a bit of money on ebay you will still be in front because 1) jacket is not available locally, 2) it will be 50% more expensive even if you can get it locally.