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Alpinestars Track Pants, GP Plus Jacket & waterproof boots

Discussion in 'Archived' started by froggy, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Alpinestars Gear:- Pants and Jacket form a 2-piece leather suit. Great condition (never been thrown down the road) and not used very much at all. Will find a very happy home.
    Excuse the poor pictures.

    Looking for $400 for the two.

    Track Pants (new $599) Pucks included, unused. Size 36 or 52EU

    GP Plus Jacket (new $599) Includes winter insert. Size 42 or 52EU

    GPS3 Waterproof boots, new $399. Looking for $100. Some minor scuffs but very serviceable boot.
  2. What size are the boots?
  3. 45EU or 10.5 (US?)
  4. Too big for me :(

    Thanks though
  5. Located in eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  6. Might have a look at the boots, pm me
  7. Boots are Sold

    Still have the two piece suit.
  8. Any takers on the two piece?
  9. Bugger! Just realised that the labels above are arse about!

    Should read:
    Jacket 42
    Pants 36

  10. I'm interested in the suit. A bit hectic with work lately but would like to try it on. When and where works best for you?
  11. Drop to $350.

    Also should add that the top and bottom zip together.
  12. Hey mate, would you take $250 and do the pants have the knee sliders.
    Also I would need to try the jacket on as I have a 44 now so not sure the 42 would fit.
  13. Sorry... sold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.