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Alpinestars Tech 1-R Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Came back from lunch yesterday to find a slim tall box sitting on my chair and inside it was my first ever leather jacket and bionic guards. I've got a few motorcycle junkies at work (I'm becoming one too) who took all the stock chest/back guards out and replaced them with the bio upgraded ones that I had ordered with the jacket in a matter of minutes and made me wear it on my way home to wear it in and I thought why not. I had come to work with a top box and back pack in anticipation of receiving the package to lug it home but the box was big and I was thinking to myself how on earth was I going to carry it. Well the asnwer was by wearing it :)

    Been riding around in a textile dririder jacket since I've started riding (little over a year) and this was my first ever leather purchase. The fit and feel of the leather compared to the textile is unbelieavable. While riding last night for the first time I thought to myself this is a purpose built motorcycle jacket that would offer much more protection in an accident over textile or other non leather jacket equivelants. This jacket also has what's called a 3D liner where it actually has no liners so there are no extra zips or liners to worry about putting on and off.

    I bought a size larger than my body size to:
    1) Allow for the bionic back/chest guards to be fitted easily
    2) Allow for unplanned weight gain
    3) Allow for thermals/hoodie to be worn in colder weather

    Firstly I would like to thank John from Riders Discount on the great service offered with the price and prompt detailed replies to all my email queries. Next time I ever buy anything in Alpinestars I will go to them. My advice get your best price ask him to match or better it and you will be surprised with the response.

    My initial thought after commuting 10km home was that the camel hump made doing head checks in my normal manner restrictive as the helmet would touch the hump and not be able to turn my head to a certain degree. After arriving home I took the inside of the hump off till I get used to the jacket and will put it back in later.

    Rode a few hundred kms last night and my 2nd major thought (comparing the fit/feel to my textile dririder jacket) was that the jacket was fairly fit and tight and couldn't move as freely as I could with the textile jacket. My guess is after wearing it in it will loosen up. This thing has some major CE protection on elbow/shoulder/chest/back/neck so it will protect my ass more than the textiles would if required. I found it difficult to get into a groove while riding last night but after a few more rides once the jacket has moulded to my body shape should be okay.

    I was initially after the Alpinestars MX-1 leather jacket but as the new top of the range flagship Alpinestars Tech 1-R jacket could be had for an extra USD40 decided to go for that instead.

    Price in AU800-900
    Price in US500-650

    More info on Alpinestars jackets and fit can be found in below threads.
    Alpinestars MX-1 Leather Jacket $500 new..
    Leather Jacket Fit

    Have ordered a Nikwax motorcycle leather care pack from ebay
    Any particular sponges/rags/cloths that I should clean/restore it with or will any rag/sponge/cloth (microfibre??) do the trick? Do I use the same cloth or whatever on both the black and white surfaces or 2 seperate?

    This was my first gear purchase from overseas. In the beginning was very tentative but the more I researched, read reviews and found out the more lax I became as with the strong Australian dollar the cost savings of buying from overseas is great. My advice measure yourself out, if possible try the same or similar jacket on in a store and order away.
    Looking at the pic theres a bulge across my chest from the upgraded bionic chest guard but I'd rather there be a bulge than a thin piece of foam which offers minimal protection compared to the bionic chest guard.
  2. I reckon you should stick the hump back in and just get used to it. Its just going to be weird when you put it back anyways.

    Hopefully you don't regret the sizing as the jacket has inbuilt waist adjustment. Unless you grow breasts or do some serious benching, it should be sufficient.

    Also, not sure if you've noticed but the zippers on this jacket kick butt.

    While wearing the jacket all zipped up (for pov) if you point e.g. your sleeve zipper away from you, you can actually pull the sleeve and the zip comes undone. The opposite is true too, if you point the zipper towards you, this "locks" the zip and you can't pull the sleeve undone.

    Kick ass when it comes to taking your jacket off pronto on a hot day!

    I clean my jacket (I have the Tech 1-R White/Red) with a wet damp cloth, let it air dry. Don't scrub like a maniac.

    My A* Stunt jackets colour ran (black), I once wore a white shirt to work and the colour ran. Good idea with the leather protector if your the type to remember.

    Just clean the white, then the black, anyways can't be that hard to find 2 cloths. Go down to spotlight and grab some for cheap.

    Nice pic, good to see you didn't get that chest/vest thingy and went with the bionic inserts. I'd suggest getting a bionic race back protector that clicks into your jacket. I couldnt imagine putting on a protective vest then a jacket each and every time.
  3. +1 for Riders Discount. They were really helpful when they were out of stock on a product I wanted and gave a discount on something similar that they did have in stock. Also a flat $25 international shipping fee, if I remember correctly.
  4. KAMBO:
    The reason why I took it out is this was my first ever leather jacket and not used to riding with such a neat fitting so wanted to get used to riding in leathers to begin with and then as you say will definitely put the hump back in. My headchecks while riding are a bit over the top as I tend to turn my head 120c to get a good view of what is going on around me.

    I double infact triple checked the sizing before ordering. Tried some Alpinestars jackets at the motorcycle expo and then pretty much every other motorcycle shop I was at and wrote them all down on a piece of paper, then compared them against their sizing chart. I could have even gone a size smaller which I may have regretted incase I do some serious gym or put on weight. Happy with the size.

    As you say the zippers are kick butt. I watched every possible Tech 1-R jacket review on youtube and noticed the zip feature is pretty nifty. Tried it myself and was cool.

    My package of Nikwax Motorcycle leather care pack arrived so will have a fiddle around with cleaning/conditioning some time soon.
    Damp cloth
    Let it air dry
    Don't scrub like a maniac
    Gotcha :)

    I like wearing white t-shorts (stolen from another thread) so will look out for running of black.

    Cleaning with 2 seperate cloths done will do that.

    The track vest at this stage for me is probably a bit advanced and I am happy with the bionic inserts. I could get a bionic back protector that clicks to the jacket but I already bought the bionic back protector insert so that will suffice for now. After I advance my riding I may look in to a clickable option.

    Deadsy: Definitely a helpful bunch that offer good price and service. I'm sure I'll purchase more thigs from them in the future.
  5. Realised on yesterday's ride that it wasn't the hump that was restricting my neck movement when doing headchecks but infact it's the shoulder armour. Since that is fixed the hump is going back in.
  6. The hump on this jacket is massive! i trimmed down an inch on mine to give my helmet some space.
  7. Sure is massive. Took me a while to get used to it.
  8. I have the exact same jacket. But I bought the white/black one, as I figured with a black bike I would get something to make me a bit more visible to the blind road users.

    Jacket is comfortable and after a few wears is even more comfortable. I tried looking for the back protector to click in the back couldn't find them? Maybe I am looking at the wrong sites? Couldn't even see it on the A* site? Maybe I am looking at the wrong thing? I have seen the ones with the straps for over the shoulders and around the waist and also the one to put in the back section... Is like a honeycomb style, but not the one that clicks in to the jacket.

    I don't find the hump annoying while riding.

    Overall a great looking jacket with plenty of protection and I love wearing it while riding.
  9. This jacket is on my shortlist - do you guys ride with backpacks? If so does the hump get in the way?
  10. standrewscross,
    Whilst I don't have the Tech 1-R jacket, mine is the A* MX1 jacket, which does have a significant sized hump on the back also.
    On occasion, I'll also wear a backpack whilst out riding with this jacket...
    It doesn't get in the way and most times I forget it's even there. Loosening the backpack straps helps a little though, due to the larger surface area on the back.
    Hope this helps.
  11. standrewscross - I have used a backpack with this jacket and at first the hump did get in the way, I just loosened the straps of the backpack and it was fine. If I need to take a backpack I normally use another jacket :)
  12. Hi r@ndom, the back protector you are chasing is called Alpinestars Level 2 CE-certified Bionic Race Back Protector. Here is a review on the jacket advising all back protector options.

    The protector comes in white and black however looking at all the online pics it doesn't appear the white one has the click button on it so you'd have to get the black one.

    I bought my jacket from Riders Discount and here is a link to the clickable back protector on their website.
  13. Thanks. I thought that was the one but couldn't see anything about the click system. Ahh yes the white doesn't have the button on it, also why I didn't think it was it, didn't look at the photo of the black one.
  14. Hi r@ndom,

    Got an answer from Riders Discount as below and it appears both the black and white back protectors have the click button.

    They both should have the button, even if it does not show in the pictures.


    John Slover
    Riders Discount
    866-931-6644 ext. 812
    Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm EST

    On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:15 PM, wrote:
    Hi John,

    Looking at the photos it looks like the white one doesn’t have the click button and only the black one does. Is this the case?
    Thanks for the links.
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  15. Thanks for that. Is this the one you have in? My jacket is a pretty snug fit at the moment and was wondering what it would be like with this one in and how comfortable it is.

    Was looking at this also
    http://www.ridersdiscount.com/offroad-gear/protection-adult/127036.php, but I would like to see what both are like in person first. Be good to have some extra protection for the back!
  16. I went for this one. Not sure the one you linked would fit but to be on the safe side ask John john@ridersdiscount.com.
    I reckon I could have gotten the more snug fitting jacket which would have been EU52/US52 by putting only the upgraded back bioarmour but not in conjunction with the upgraded bionic chest guards as you could see from the pic they bulge hence why I went a size up to EU54/US44. Since you only want an upgraded back protector I think you should be ok, just so long as you don't pack any on. The stock foam "protection" that comes with the jacket is a joke.
  17. How comfortable is that one? Pretty cheap too.
  18. It was the only one available when I bought the jacket as I bought the jacket when it was newly released, I find it comfortable. Ordered a 2nd one which has replaced the foam protector in my dririder textile jacket. Doesn't feel as comfortable in the textile jacket cause it's not designed for it but I made it fit and offers the desired protection. The back protector you linked to looks pretty good too.
  19. Hey mate,

    I'm looking at getting the Tech 1-r and was wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions.

    a.) How is the airflow? would the jacket cut it in summer?

    b.) How is the sizing? I'm a 50 in other A* Jackets ive tried (SMK and Indy) but is the tech 1-r sizing fairly small? I want to fit back and chest protectors too.
  20. Hi Hobbsie,
    a) airflow is sufficient for summer riding as it has non leather stretch panels on the inside of the arms and perforated panels on the front, back and hump to aid wind flow

    b) I'd say then you'd also be a 50 in this too. If I didn't put the upgraded back and chest protectors in I could have probably gone a size smaller for a more tighter fit but am happy as I bought it as an all weather jacket with the intention of wearing thermals/hoodie on underneath to cope with the colder weather which it also does fine.

    To put your mind at ease if possible try the jacket on for yourself if you have a nearby store which stocks one to confirm size then order online.