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Alpinestars Stella Ice Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking at buying a leather jacket, one that has caught my attention is the "ice" leather jacket by Alpinestars.... I tried it on today and it felt real good on, only thing I wasn't sure about was it's length. It's a bit short, but from looking around at other womens leather jackets it seems as though all of them are the same length.

    For those of you that own a leaher jacket with similar styling, how do you find the length?

    FYI - here's a pic of the one I'm thinking of buying :)

  2. im a bloke obviously, but jackets are short cause theyre designed for riding. When your sitting on the bike hunched over your length from hips/bike to neck is alot shorter and it will fit right. if the jacket is too long it will force up onto ur neck. my jacket looks short off however fits pretty well on the bike if even a little long...just cause i dont like it touching my neck too much.

    hope it helps

  3. My jacket is fairly short too. (Shift)
  4. My wife has a Alpinestars Stella Dyno (i think) jacket.. same length, looks short off the bike but when she's on its ok... not the longest either though.
  5. Cool - cheers for the help.... looks like 'shortish' jackets are the norm :)
  6. Starlet,

    Consider the bike you'll be riding when looking at jacket length.

    Shorter jackets suit sports bikes and committed seating positions (ie hunched over) as the shorter length prevents the jacket folding in awkward spots in the chest when you hunch over. Cruisers and nakeds however can/should wear slightly longer jackets that when seated upright come right down to the waist if not further. This way you are completely protected against the wind and have full coverage.

    Jacket length depends on rider use. :)
  7. I actually think they cut ladies jackets a little shorter to get that "hipster" look... but seeing as I'm a fella, how should I know, i'm usually too busy looking at cycle chick's asses... :LOL: