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Alpinestars SMX plus or Supertech R - any opinions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by markcpotter, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hello all.

    after my first thoughts about steering away from these boots as I thought they seemed a bit fiddly to get on and off and not really suitable for a daily commute to work I tried a pair of supertech r's on and they felt like a pair of slippers compared to my now deceased boots and they are actually pretty straight forward to get on and off.

    The only reason I didn't buy them is that I was unsure about using them for a daily commute from a wet weather perspective - I was concerned that if I got caught in a shower that the front of the boot has a lot of openings and the material beneath this just feels like a sort of neoprene so I just wasn't quite sure about them.

    With that I started to look at the smx plus - unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find a pair locally in my size so can't try them on which is a bit of a worry so I have sent a couple of e-mails to online stockists that can hopefully advise me on the fit (as I tried an smx-r on and they felt too tight - odd thing was the supertech-r was perfect in a 42 and my old boots are the smx-3 and again are fine in a 42 - so I guess it depends on if the plus is a narrow fitting boot or not - any further comments would be welcomed)

    That aside my thought process is that the smx-plus doesn't seem as exposed to getting wet as the supertech r's - do any owners of the smx plus agree with this and find them ok in short downpours (also did they find the fit ok and can accomodate a wider than average foot?)

    Also anybody have the supertech r's and think my concerns are a load of crap!

  2. My existing boots are shot with the zip totally broken so the velclosure keeps opening up so that I was constantly catch my boots on the heel guard or footpegs - couldn't be bothered waiting so plumped for the supertech r's on account of them being so comfortable.

    I'll look to get the zip on my smx-3 goretex sorted for use when there is a lot of rain forecast.

    While I was buying the boots the guy got in touch with the A* rep and he said that a place called Manfred shoe repairs on Errol St, North Melbourne would repair them.

    No doubt now that I have bought them there will be a host of replies to my earlier post saying that they are shit!

  3. Well,

    I thought I might as well post my own reveiw!

    Been using them for a few days now and first thing is they are extremely comfortable and also the same if you have to walk anywhere in them.

    I went for the non perforated version (the assistant told me the perforated verion don't really give that much more air flow) but I was still concerned that it may be cold given the front of the boot has a large area that is essentially two layers of a neoprene type material (inner and outer boot) with a mesh of sorts over it.

    The weather has been pretty cold that last couple of morning and pleased to say that they are fine and no cold gales howling through them.

    A couple of things that feel a bit different my other boots (smx-3) it that they come an inch or two lower down your calf which feels a bit weird at first also they really don't feel as supportive (one of the first times I put my foot down at the lights I wobbled a bit as you have to brace your ankle in these as opposed the smx-3 which were a stiffer boot).

    The main thing is that they honestly do not feel as though they offer as much protection as the smx-3 (although I am guessing this can't be the case being their top end boot?) Like I say there feels to be a lot of flex in the ankle - so much so that they don't feel as though they would stop the movement before a break could occur also the front of the boot feels a lot more exposed with their being this neoprene type stuff rather than leather.

    Putting aside how they "feel" from a protection point of view and just trusting that they must be up to the job then I would heavily recommend them from a comfort perspective and they are pretty straight forward to get on and off.

    Not been caught out in the rain - but I can't imagine they would offer much resistance especially at the front of the boot.
  4. i've had the Supertech Rs for about 9 months now, wearing them almost every day as i dont drive. and i love them :grin:
    how freaking comfy are they!!!

    regarding windflow and all that, they're pretty good on hot days, yet i still wear them riding home from the club at 4am in the morning, and think how cold it's been some mornings in the past month or two. im talking 4 degrees, then add in windchill at 100km/h...

    waterproofness - they're not too bad. obviously being a sports based boot, theyre not really designed for rainy days, but they do alright. they will soak through eventually, the fact im missing one toe slider probably helps in penetration :roll: but they're good in that having the inner bootie, you can take this out which aids drying vastly.

    there is plenty of ankle protection i reckon, have tou tried to roll you ankle both in and out? or twist your foot? the bracing system on the interior does a great job, with added armor on the outside. mine have so far been through an 80km/h lowside including bouncing off armco railing, a 60km/h lowside in the wet, and a 140km/h highside. all crashes i walked away from, short of a small bruise on my arm once, and a sore neck.

    the Supertech R is an awesome boot, but you do pay for it unfortunately. but still, haggle, i got mine for $500. or jsut buy overseas haha.

    enjoy them! :grin:
  5. Hi,

    where did you manage to get them for $500.

    That's a really good price - I ended up paying $595 and even looking overseas with the shipping and all it was pretty much the same story.

    Would be interesting to know where you shop for when I need more gear are perhaps I need to haggle harder!
  6. Peter Stevens Ringwood. sorry, i got it wrong, was $540.
    i also bought an Arai RX7 Corsair for $990 instead of $1190, and a tinted visor for $50 instead of $80.
    i just go elsewhere if they cant give me a good price, and i tell them that.
    if you're not happy with what they offer, ask for a better price, or be prepared to walk out. quite often they'll change their minds just to get the sale. they also know i will come back for more gear, because i know i can get a good price there. ask for Nick at Ringwood :)

    i was looking at buying em when the dollar was good, would have been $440 after shipping!! :shock: thought i'd save up a lil more, n the dollar ate shit :(

    also check out Metro Honda in Ringwood, Lou or Brian can help you out, both great guys :)
  7. Well got caught in the rain this morning with these on and no problems.

    Had them on for 40 minutes and they were fine.

    I'm not so sure they would hold out in really heavy rain but all ok today so all in all I can't recommend these boots enough.

    The main benefit is the comfort far better than any other boot I have hador tried on.
  8. After having mine for a few months now, i have to agree they are bloody comfy. You can walk around in them all day if you need to!

    I am a bit concerned however that my feet are starting to get a bit hot after a few hours in them, have you found this?
  9. I just ordered a pair of Supertech Rs for 380 AUS :D
  10. $380....damn!

    a little more info would be appreciated :)
  11. Supertech R's are US $449.95 RRP
    A 15% discount lets you grab em for US $382.45!

    Try for size at your local and then buy online!
  12. Email forum@ridersdiscount.com and ask for a price - will be even cheaper...