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Alpinestars SMX+ 2011 Model

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Thought i would post a quick review about my newish boots, so far ive done about 4 sunday rides in them, so i would estimate around 2000km of experiance.

    Do not buy the older model (which is all you can get in Australia at the moment)

    Because the 2011 is MUCH improved and worth the hassle of importing. Not to mention its cheaper to import the 2011 model then buy the outdated one locally.

    So, good points:

    1. They do not squeek when you walk like the old model do (this is huge)
    2. they are easier to walk around in
    3. The toe sliders actually cover your toe, they wrap much further around.
    4. great protection in all directions, i would say its better then the out dated model but way less intrusive, you really dont feel it restricting your ankle at all even though it will stop it from snapping sideways in a fall.

    So thats the good points, essentially these are very good boots if you ride hard on the road e.g. sunday rider. they are super comfy but super protective and if you wear jeans over them they dont look that weird when your off the bike.

    Bad points: Nothing really, so far since i got them there has never been a point where i have had any negative thoughts about the boots.

    So yea, buy them!

    (a tip for people who want to order online, when i got mine from sportbiketrackgear, they advised me that the boots run a size large and that i should go down a size to get a good fit, i took their advice and was VERY glad i did. So consider that if your ordering online, get a size down compared to any other A* boot)
  2. A picture:


    As you can see, the front of the boot is made from a leather stretch panel like you would find on a suit/jacket. this means when you bend forwards, i.e. taking a step, it flexes with your leg so you can walk easily.
  3. Hey just wondering if you got the vented model or not?

    Just ordered mine this morning form STG along with a few other things.

    If you did get the vented model how do you think it rates? If not does the non vented one get warm?
  4. see - thats quality customer service - exceeding customer expectation
  5. Honestly after having a set of vented A* I wouldn't get them again, nothing worse then getting stuck in a downpour and getting wet soggy feet.
  6. Out of interest, where are they made?
  7. Was actually just looking at buying these. Thanks for the tips.
  8. i didnt get the vented model but i dont see the point, there are good air duct style vents in the heel that move a lot of air (sometimes i freak out that my boots are not zipped up because i can feel a bit of a breeze in there lol)

    So far my boots have been very comfortable with regards to temperatures even when i was in a traffic jam for an hour at 36 degrees last saturday.
  9. Haha i think i might have made a mistake buying a vented model than. I already have a pair of wet weather boots so a down pour doesnt really worry me.

    I just i ll tel you guys know when i get my boots and test out the vented version.

    How long was shipping?
  10. Hey guys rode with the vented version last night. Flows a tone of air, was quiet cold last night so could feel every bit of it. AWESOME boot

  11. Yeah ordered mine in to try on the other day. Just waiting for delivery now. Will have em by xmas hopefully (y)
  12. Came in today, unfortunately I forgot to tell him I wanted white ones and they ordered black so gotta wait a bit longer, but shit they feel nice.
  13. Got mine today, quite comfortable...will need a bit of breaking in. Only bad thing is the heel doesnt go out as far as the boot, near impossible to put my stand down with these boots.
  14. went for my first ride with my SMX plus today... was a awesome step up from my old dri riders very comfy under jeans... look forward to the long rides over the next few days...
  15. Annoyingly mine have started to squeek now, oh well i guess there is nothing you can do. Still amazing boots, so comfortable even to just walk around in.

    And yea quivorir putting your stand down in these boots is hard, you just goto be careful and make sure you dont assume its down when its not so prevent accidently dropping of the bike.
  16. I ve also notice my boots squeeking now.

    Still a great boot, loving the air flow. Have notice the heel cup though making it very difficult to put side stands down. A real race boot haha
  17. FYI the squeaking can be stopped with a quick squirt with some silicone spray.
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  18. Lmao same, quite loudly..Now I have a jacket and boots thats squeak
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    Got the s mx-2 from eBay waiting for delivery from the states paid rrp 189 +24 post. Dirt.