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Alpinestars Shibuya Shoes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hunghing, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. I've been browsing these forums for a while and got my bike recently.

    I was hoping someone here has tried the Shibuyas and can tell me about the kind of protection they offer. I like these shoes because they look casual so it would be ok to walk around with them on at uni.
  2. i dont believe they offer any protection at all
    i think they fall under alpinestar's fashionable branding contingent

    buy yourself some good comfy boots
  3. Boots are just not practical for what I want to use them for.

    Quote from the Alpinestars website on the Shibuya:

    "The shoe comes equipped with dual density ankle protection combined with internal toe and heel protectors providing unparalleled safety in what is effectively a street boot."

    Nothing to that effect is stated for the A* Track Shoes and Pit Shoes which I think are under the fashionable line.

    I am guessing no one here has tried the Shibuya?
  4. No, you should guess that no-one who's tried them is on-line at present, or has read this thread, or feels it necessary to comment......

  5. +1

    if your on a bike, boots are the go.

    I used to use a high-ankle soft leather shoe (ankle protection, shift pad, etc) but they felt as safe as thongs compared to my boots. (bmw sneaker IIs)

    its easy as to slip out of them (my boots, TCX Infinities) and into some regular footwear for the office / uni / whatever.
  6. I have a pair, and compared to a proper set of boots I have Gaerne GR-W, they have next to no protection whatsoever.

    The front toe end is quite hard and so is the heel, but there is no ankle protection or any protection for slides etc.

    I bought mine for the looks, and just casual going out wear.

    If I do any ride whatsoever it isn't with the Alpinestars but with my Gaernes
  7. likewise, i hardly ever use my sneaker II's for riding. maybe to the beach and shops, but they are only about 500m away and 50/60 zones - and i still feel relatively unprotected/cautious compared to how i feel in the TCXs.
  8. tell us why boots are unsuitable for you? for walking round at uni all day? unless you're somewhere you actually need smart business shoes to match the suit, or will be running a marathon or something, boots are fine.

    there are plenty of brands and models that are comfy enough to walk around in and wear all day. i practically live in mine :)
  9. Hi Hunghing,

    I actually bought a pair of Shibuya's last month. I got the Gray-mesh ones with the velcro strap: I was very disappointed.

    They look fantastic on the website but in person they look fat and very unfashionable. They look almost like skate shoes in person and feel like a brick when you put them on.

    I would probably say my feet are slightly wider than your average joe and in the Shibuyas they were seriously squished! I took a couple strides in them at speed in my place and I can definately feel a propensity for ankle injuries. They have a flat bottom but some cushioning in the sole, but I wouldn't recommend riding in them. If you're after ankle support and some style why don't you check out those funky Puma 1000 boots? The black ones are on sale at Bike Biz and Helmet Warehouse (Sydney) or Sportbiketrackgear.com (USA).

    I guess they looked okay when covered under trousers but not worth the US$129 I spent on them. I think you're better of going for the mid-cut Nike Air Force 1's or Dunks that everyone has for the same look and better feel, but again, not really suitable for riding.

    Let us know what you got.
  10. Just googled these things. Are you freakin kidding me? There is NO WAY I would wear a pair of these riding! I like my feet firmly attached to my body thank you very much!

  12. I think they look horrible,

    Get some boots and change to shoes if you're that worried about walking around Uni in comfortable boots all day.
  13. I was thinking of getting the black leather ones actually. They kinda look like converse superstars. (Can't post a pic because of my post count)

    To answer those who ask why I don't want boots it's because of the inconvenience. Of course we can all ride to uni/work in one piece leathers and get changed in the bathroom, but the trade off of convenience for protection is too great to justify. I was hoping these shoes would not trade off too much protection for style.

    Given the lack of ankle protection, I guess I'll have to rethink my options. Thanks warney and fiddy for the info.
  14. Sadly, one day something bad will happen and it will be too late to go "I should of...".
  15. I think I might be giving off the wrong impression with this thread. By no means do I not take rider protection seriously. For the limited amount of time I've had on a bike, I have always ridden with all my gear on no matter how short the trip.

    But I am equally concerned about practicality. For example, my jacket is a hybrid leather/mesh jacket because I think it offers the best compromises between protection and ventilation.

    Similarly, I am trying to reach a good compromise between style and safety with boots/shoes.
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  16. have a look at the Joe Rocket Street fighter boots

    they are a low cut, but also have very good protection
  17. I have Thor 50/50's. They offer a decent amount of protection and are comfy as hell.

  18. Have a look at the AXO Striker boot. I've been quite happy with mine. Very comfy and seems to have good protection for a short boot. The lacing system seems a bit silly at first, but once I tried it on, it actually works quite well. While it doesn't have the protection of a full boot, I'd be confident it would protect your ankles in a slide <touches wood>, certainly better than any non-riding boots/shoes.


    A friend of mine has the RJays Speed Boot and rates it highly. I've even seen him wear it out when he's not been riding, but I'm not sure if that's an endorsement or not! :?

  19. cant say i have seen a pair of "safe" riding boots that were not fugly...sure is a gap in the market! could they not make them out of kevlar ?