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Alpinestars Quickseal Rainsuit

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by ebf00, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Given how wet the east coast has been recently, I thought I'd post this review up.

    So, we all know riding in the wet is one of the more unpleasant things to do as a rider. So this rain suit sits in my topcase wherever I go.

    It's available in three colours - HighViz Yellow, HighViz Orange, or Black. I decided to go the HighViz yellow, purely because when it rains, visibility goes down and I would like to stick out like a sore thumb.
    Alpinestars Quick Seal Rainsuit.
    Note that I look like a complete pillock wearing this. It's like you're a postie on steroids. So don't get yellow if you embarrass easily.

    From a functional point of view, it's really good. Very easy to get on - even over big motorcycle boots. Seal is excellent, save for around the neck. I would have liked the back of the neck to come up a bit more so it would tuck in under the helmet. At speed it's not an issue, but when you're stopped in traffic, it has the potential to let a little moisture in.

    It comes with its own little bag to put both pants and jacket back in when you're finished. Overall, very happy with it.

    Where to buy it?
    • I got mine from this seller on Ebay for US $110 plus $15 shipping, which was pretty good. Delivery took around 2-3 weeks.
    • Alternatively, on the usual sites like Revzilla and Sportsbiketrackgear.
    Other Reviews?
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  2. Sweet. I use a set of rjays ones which do the job, but I probably got a size too big (as I wear them over all my other gear (jacket/boots/gloves/draggins)) I have a set of all weather gloves if its raining when I leave, but otherwise, I use my race gloves all the time as they offer more protection (crash, not weather)
  3. Can you post back again after winter and let us know how they're going after a good amount of use? I've had Rjays rain pants that have had the waterproof stuff disintegrate around the bollocks by the third use. If the A* rain suit is more durable I might invest in a set when my current rainbird suit (not motorcycle gear) wears out.
  4. I spray my wets with scotchguard when I get them, then once a year give them a re-coat. Now i'm riding full time, it will be every 6 months. Doesnt make them more waterproof, but keeps them waterproof for longer (and light showers just blow off, rather than leaving the outside soaked)
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  5. Sure, will do. It's pretty thin and lightweight, so I am also interested in its durability.
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  6. How small does it fold/roll up? That's my biggest beef with the current wets. They are practically like a set of textiles. (i.e. dont compress down smaller)
  7. Very well, actually. I've had no issues putting both the jacket and pants back into the bag.
  8. Cheers mate. I look forward to hearing how well they last. :)
  9. Are we talking helmet sized? or bigger/smaller? Looks like a mini roll, around helmet sized from the photo. Would be good if its that small, will fit neatly into my top box.
  10. It so often misunderstood that the material is what makes it waterproof, but it's not the most important factor, not even close. I'm a massive snowboarder and know quality gear really well due to spending thousands over the years. What you need to look for is how the seams are put together, top of the line goretex sewn together without proper waterproof seams is less effective than a cheap fabric put together with properly sealed seams.
  11. Yes scotchgaurd may help waterproof - but these A* are breathable. Scotchgaurd will block the breathability. Also some breathable membranes such as goretex are in the middle of a triple layer construction and the outer layer after a while can absorb water and look wet, but the moisture doesn't get through. some have a water rrepellant finish on the outside to stop the wet look. Maybe just scotchguard around the wear areas: crotch, seat & knees. Minor point I guess. More fun the working.:rolleyes:
  12. I put a big split in my last rain pants, when I didn't pull them all the way up to the crotch and then threw my leg over the bike.

    I'd expect them to be practically stab proof for that price, errr... Well, at least the crotch won't rip throwing a leg over.
  13. Yeah, helmet sized. Here's a photo of them in my box with helmet.

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  14. Cheers thanks for that. Seem a lot smaller than my current ones.

    In reply to others, yes scotchguard does diminish breathability, but most wets are limited at best on that count....