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Alpinestars or Sidi boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by shonofear, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. hey,

    been tossing up between the A* SUPERTECH-R Track White/Grey or the SIDI - ST Air Boots
    ive been eying these off for some time now since hearing about the price from PeterStevens online store http://shop.peterstevens.com.au/AS2220081240/SUPERTECH_dash_R-Track-White_or_Grey/pd.php,
    though have to get em shipped over to NZ but would still be worth it as these are at least $750- NZ over here, so save at least $200- NZ bucks

    then theres a sweet deal for a pair of SIDI AIR whites that are going for $550- NZ so similar price,
    similar quality, but the SIDI's are advertised as being more of a summers vented model, so not sure how well the'd handle the colder winters.
    also if it did rain whilst wearing them would they be worse because of the perforated vented holes?

  2. If they are perforated they WILL get wet inside.
    If they aren;t perforated they will just probably get wet.

    Have you trid on these boots?
    I fonjd that I tried on heaps of pairs and inj the end found one that was really good for me, some were woeful.
  3. Alpine starts are to narrow for my duck paddles.
    Sidi are perfect.
    Go to the shop with a magazine and try them both on for about twenty minutes.
  4. nope, havent been able to try on the exact models that i have been eying off from online.
    i tried a cheaper A* model but guy said the Supertecs will fit differently.

    i also have a bit of a chub wide foot.
    so next step is to find somewhere that does stock them and be that douche that tries stuff on to then go and buy online :p i'll see if they price match first i guess.

  5. supertech R's are a race boot so expect alot of ventilation. st air are less of a race boot than the supertech R but are pretty good.

    if you are worried about the sidi being too vented they do a standard st boot which isnt nearly as vented. they also do a vertigo rain boot which should be good in the wet.

    i have worn alpinestar boots for the last 15 or so years and have liked them, but borrowed a set of sidi vortice air boots off my dad for a track day last year and they were absolutely bloody amazing boots. nothing comes close to comfort, feel, ventilation.
  6. The supertechs are uber-protective, but they're big ol' boots. The inner boot makes them take a bit longer to put on, and the feel isn't great, but they're probably one of the safest boots on the market short of the top-end daytonas.

    I had an older pair for the track, and liked them, but I stick with Sidi these days.
  7. mmm SIDI winning the votes,
    well on that note gonna search for some stores with em in stock to try on.
    ah yea, theres only a cheap AIR version going but after reading some reviews from the states wearing them they do seem to handle the chiller winters with different socks.
  8. ......SIDI's....(y)
  9. Just off topic/brands - I have a pair of Dainese Torque Pro Inboots and after all of the motorcycle boots I have owned, these are the lightest and most comfortable boots I have ever owned. You can only buy them o/s but you can get the normal boots (the In boots go inside your leathers/pants) at most stores.
    My advice is to try on as many brands and boots as possible then make up your mind. Different strokes for different blokes.

  10. Alpinestar SMX + 2011 model imo, much better as a road boot but still extremely protective in terms of lateral ankle support and armor. Not sure if you can get them in austfalia yet, i think our local stores are still a bit behind, i took the gamble and got them from sportbiketrackgear in the usa, turned out perfect.
  11. I'll go against the grain and recommend the Supertechs. I have had a few pair of Sidi's and the one thing that really pisses me off about them is the stupid bumper on the heel, it's attached with screws that when riding aggressively scratch the shit out of the heelplates on the bike or worse the swingarm if you have rearsets, in addition after a long weekend in the snowies the bolt on the inside of the heel plate was digging into my heel causing a pretty painful blister.

    I have just bought a pair of the supertechs and I couldn't be happier, a bit of a pain to get on and off but that is my only complaint. Try the Supertechs you won't be disappointed
  12. I know what you mean Bamm-Bamm, right next to the red rubber nodules that wear off.

    I got a pair of Sidi Vortices a few years ago and they still to this day squeak. Be prepared for the odd stare and Robocop joke. The ST looks sensible, less trimmings to snag on the heelplate, quicker to get on, great protection. Careful getting a full vented boot for winter, it'll be cool. The Sidis also have closeable vent, it's is not brilliant but noticeable.

    Most important is fit though. Try them both on, sit on a bike and try the controls if they'll let you. Neither is designed for walking, but at some point you'll have to even if it is just to pay for your fuel.

    I'm going to recommend Supertechs too, having only worn them in the store.
  13. Heard that a lot. Aside from nearly falling down an escalator (the stiff sole doesn't like the top where the escalator starts to slope down...), I had no problems walking. Possibly more to do with having picked the next size up though; I need to be able to click my big and second toes, and that much room tends to mean the boot does more adjusting to my walking than my foot does to the boot.

    On the comfort front A* seem to have more nice padding and fitting which was sweet to try on after a whole day in my boots, but yeah my idea of comfort is room so +1 to Sidi. Whatever feels good to you I reckon. Sidis look better. ;)