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Alpinestars MX-1 Leather Jacket $500 new..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by licensed, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I was browsing www.motomummy.com and noticed that they are having a sale on Alpinestars MX-1 Leather Jackets, down to $400US (from $600US). So after adding postage and converting to the aussie dollar (currently 83c or 1.178x), it comes out at exactly $500AUS. The rrp of these are apparently $999aus but i've never seen them in stock in the stores that i've been to in recent times..

    I'm going to head off to a store tomorrow and try on a few more leather jackets to get my size. Last time i tried on jackets i was between a 52 and 54, i was told leather stretches and although i plan on increasing my upper body size over summer i'm leaning towards the 52.

    I don't think the aussie dollar will be going back above 90 anytime soon and the sale price is pretty good so i thought i'd post it up for fellow netriders looking for a leather jacket, check it out.


  2. Just bought one second hand for $550! Dammit! It's as new though, so not much fussed. From wearing mine a couple of times I can say it feels good and well made. It doesn't have a press-stud closure on the wrists wich can make it a bit annoying when the zip doesn't want to squeeze inside gloves, and nor does it have a stud closure at the collar, just the zip, but neither are big worries.

    Does have a zip to connect to pants, perforated panels in arms, and a zip-in vest which is nice and warm. I'm happy with it, so if you're looking for a jacket, go for your life.
  3. Heads up, the link specifies the size, so you're probably only getting that price on a euro 48.
  4. Nah, I had a looksie. Even if you change the size, then go to cart - still on sale :D all sizes!
  5. MX-1 is a very nice jacket for sports bike riders and now at a very attractive price. I would get one if I ride a sports bike.
  6. Mate,
    If you plan on installing back protector/A* Bionic chest guards, I'd lean toward the size 54.
    Did the exact same with mine and glad I did, especially for the winter months where the liner/and or more clothing is donned.
    For ~ $500 Oz bucks, that's a steal ! Tempted to buy another MX-1 at these rates !
    Enjoy !
  7. I selected a euro 52 from the drop down box, paid for it, and then found out my order was declined (after they got my money of course). So the sale was indeed for a euro 48 only.

    I think i still might get one in my size using "astars" for a 15% discount, comes out to about $630australian incl postage.
  8. They have fixed the drop down as well, only size 48 is listed.
  9. I'm looking in to this jacket but the cheapest I have found on the net is US599 at Riders Discount, RevZilla or Sport Bike Track Gear.

    Any other stores riders know of that stock these jackets for less?
  10. I think most places aren't allowed to advertise anything but RRP, email the stores you have in mind and ask for a discount/best price.

    Motomummy give a 15% discount on A* gear, and have a flat fee of $30 USD for international postage. Pre-arrange the discount via email.

    Given the discount, MX-1 would be $539.95USD delivered ~$550 AUD.
    Probably a good idea to just go for the Tech 1-R as its ~592 AUD delivered, not bad to get the latest A* have to offer for $42 more dollars!
  11. Hey Nick seeing as you put the track vest idea in my head would you think I should also go a size up when getting this jacket and wearing it with the track vest? I'm currently US44/EU54 in Alpinestars sizing for jackets so might need to go to a US46/EU56 plus like you said it'll definitely come handy in winter when wearing thermals and thicker clothing underneath.


    KAMBO thanks for that 15% off with flat US30 for postage is great. I will hit them up and see what they say and don't mind paying the extra few dollars to get the tech 1-R
  12. ResmeN,

    Just checked my Alpinestars MX-1 jacket sizing...and what do you know ? I'm a 54 Euro (44 US) in that whilst being a 56 Euro with the Berik Ballistic Jacket, and a 58 Euro with the recently acquired Berik Capirex 1 piece suit....aaaaarrrrgh..all these size differences ! lol

    Mate, I'd strongly recommend going one size up on any jacket you wish to install chest/back protectors - you've seen my MX-1 - I look like a puffed-up turtle in that thing...and it isn't the aerodynamic hump that's the only culprit :D

    I just fired off an email to motomummy and ridersdiscount, asking for their recommendations on size (from above jacket sizes) for the Track Vest.
    Please keep me informed on your progress dude - I have been looking into purchasing one of these since its introduction several months ago.

    Cheers (y)
  13. Nickers330,

    The differences in sizing of motorcycle clothing brands is just annoying as you can't order things comfortably without trying them on beforehand or being absolutely sure after measuring yourself in 10 different ways according to the sizing charts of each brand. I think going up a size is the way to go especially for regular all weather riding so we have the luxury of being able to wear more clothing underneath when required. Is the MX-1 bearable in summer when the heat is north of 25 or not?

    I don't mind looking like a tmnt so long as it saves my bacon, balls etc when I decide to become a caped crusader.

    Will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for the useful info.
  14. No problem, while your at it have a look around their website and take advantage of the cheap postage for all sorts of goodies at way cheaper prices!

    Maybe look at getting the Bionic Race Back Protector & Bionic Chest Pads instead? Would make getting gear on/off easier imo. The bionic race back protector clicks into the jacket and the chest pads replace the foam inserts.

    I found it wasn't necessary to go up in size when using the A* Bionic back protector with my Stunt jacket and the same is true with the Tech 1-R in my case.

    Go to your local and try the combination on to make the best decision prior to buying the gear online lol.
  15. Hahaha ! Too true mate...I've often thought about TMNT when out riding with MX-1 donned lol.
    I don't mind wearing leathers up to around high 20's. For a shortish ride (<=30min) I'll still wear leathers up to around 30 deg C. Above this riding time/temperature, it becomes dangerous in terms of dehydration, concentration loss etc etc.

    As you correctly said, having a slightly bigger jacket does allow for winter clothing (WITH Liner fitted) to be worn underneath without the jacket exploding at the seams.

    Cheers mate.
  16. KAMBO: I've been on the MM website before querying about asv levers but didn't see they had apparel even after you told me due to the layout of the site I had to search and eventually found all the links.

    Instead of getting the bionic back andc chest protector I might look in to getting the track vest which incorporates these 2 that I have put a link for above. Regarding sizing I'll definitely be making a few visits to my friendly local motorbike shops to try them on. I went yesterday to one but they had nothing but Dainese jackets. I wanted A* they should have known :)

    Nickers330: Don't tell me you think about the TMNT in dirty ways thoughts like that should only be restricted to April O'Neil :) By the way don't google images of this name in an office environment.

    Ah well I've already got a textile summer jacket so I guess when it's really hot can wear that. Oh by the way when I get the jacket I'll be Raphael.
  17. Donatello here mate - my g/f's name is Donna (and that's not what I call my bike..lol)
    Gotta do my bit.
  18. i've had my MX-1 for 2.5 years now and it's a great piece of kit. it's held up really well.

    twas RRP$999 when i got it.... didn't pay that tho :)
  19. Have narrowed down my choices and will order soon.