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Alpinestars Leather Jacket Query

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blackbird06, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know what style Alpinestars jackets are in a relaxed fit or street style.
    Its a bit hard to see from photos on the net, and the specs don't seem to list the style.
    I'm after something that is more relaxed than the track type Stunt 2 I currently have.

  2. You mean the graphics/colour combo?

    I never saw the stunt jacket as a "track" jacket.

    Dainese have a nice collection of 'street' jackets.

    http://www.dainese.com/eng/coll_mot.asp Categories "short jackets" Materials "leather" ... theres some good ones there like the "vintage" collection where the armour isn't so noticeable and theres not race hump.
  3. yeah thats the main reason i didn't go with alpinestars - all their jackets are too hardcore for me

    the way the leather is treated in addition to the hump makes me look like a chump since i only ride a 250

    there is a shift jacket i think called the 967 or something that looks pretty relaxed and street
  4. Look on the alpinestars website for the "black label" jackets they're all the "relaxed fit" type.

    ive got myself a 2008 a* ATL which is a "relaxed fit" ...dosent seem to be on their site anymore.

    the relaxed fit seemed to have a fraction more room in the arms&shoulders which i liked. but mine is a little loose around the waist if ur slim like me

    great jacket though
  5. I like the Dainese jackets for their quality.

    Alpinestars are overpriced for Chinese made stuff.

    In saying that I don't mind their gloves and boot collection.
  6. Alpinestars generally have a 'race type' feel to them but they do have a few jackets that are more 'street' orientated. I am a big fan of Dainese products, expensive but quality leather.
  7. how about this? has that vintage look. i like it
  8. TZ-1, this one is rather as good as tx-1

    Tx-1 was the one i was lookin for on the net but its a discontinue line and i find that real comfortable.

    there are still a few around in MCAS and other places also. have to drop into the shop and ask.
  9. You didn't like any of the Dainese jackets?

    Go to a shop and compare the two makes, or better go from cheapest to most expensive.

    I'd rather buy 1 jacket and pay a little extra to begin with, and have it last me over the life of my biking.
  10. I have the stunt textile jacket and the black label magnum jacket in leather. Both of these jackets are more towards the relaxed end, without looking like cruiser jackets (purely straight cut sleaves etc).

    The magnum is really comfy with lots of stretchy areas for comfort and no neck clasp like on the stunt, which I hate. It still has precurved arms, but that suits my riding position (sportsbike).

    The best advice is to try some on. You'll never get a good feel for a jacket without trying them on, and jackets like all riding gear is a very personal thing - what one person likes the other will hate.

    Shift jackets are more relaxed, but I've heard bad things about the stitching...