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Alpinestars keychain ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iamvinhy, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. anyone know where I can buy em?

    I end up paying too much if I order it directly from alpinestars ..
    where can I buy in SYD ? :LOL:
  2. what do they charge direct ??
  3. i think it added up to about $60AUD for it.. lol
  4. what is the type you are after ??
  5. Why they make short lived gloves......get a Joe Rocket Keychain it will be much more comfortable.
  6. its a keychain .. ?? lol

    blue - im pretty sure they only have 1 ..
    its at there site www.alpinestars.com
  7. so you want the billet one i assume ?? i havent seen them down here. the only ones ive seen are the rubber ones, which i have on my bike key. it is the same cut out as the billet type not like that other one..
  8. hmm - where did you buy it from?
  9. i got it from action motorcycles in melb. now i know there is an action motorcycles in sydney somewhere. anyway if you cant find one send me an email and i will see what i can do from this end. I will be going into the city on the 25th of this month so i can have a look then if you like. dont think they were to much about 7 bucks i think. anyway let me know champ.