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QLD Alpinestars Jaws Perforated Jacket, size 48

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories, and Apparel for Sale' started by BMWRX, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. For sale is my Alpinestars Jaws Perforated Leather jacket. Size is 48.

    I've had to buy the next size up as, although this one fits my perfectly around my chest and arms, due to being tall and slim, it doesn't come far enough down to my beltline to make me feel comfortable. As a guide for sizing, I'm 73kg and a tad short of six foot (182cm in current money).

    It's a great jacket with much needed perforations for Summer and a full sleeve internal thermal liner for Winter (all three days of it in Qld). I've worn it about half a dozen times, it has no scratches, hasn't been in any crashes, and still smells of leathery goodness.

    I'm selling it for $350 and can post interstate at the buyers expense (I'm in Brisbane).





  2. Bumpity bump bump

    With a price drop to $320!
  3. Still for sale...after a knob on Gumtree agreed to buy it then pulled out the next day after I'd turned down another buyer (who subsequently went and bought a jacket from someone else on Gumtree).

    $300! Bargain!
  4. I'll put my hand up and say, I'm interested. However two things about AStars; the last jacket I had, the arms were a touch long for me and, I am not sure what size I am these days in their range. If I had to hazard a guess from your self description I'd say It would probably be a close fit. The arm problem might have changed or be non-existent with this jacket...

    As I said; I'm interested!
  5. Hi there. The jacket is still available. However, you may want to jump onto the Welcome Lounge and tell everyone a little bit about yourself, as your response to my advertisement was your first post.

    What part of Brisbane are you in? I'm in Oxley and generally available most nights.
  6. Hey! ...Well I live in Redbank Plains and work in Coopers Plains - so you're right in the middle of my commute. Would be happy to stop by and have a look some time. My bike is due for a major service so, it would be irresponsible of me to buy a jacket when a service is due ...

    ...that said - temptation is a biatch. If you want to PM me with some deets we can arrange a meet-n-greet-n-try-on ...if you like?