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Alpinestars jacket sizing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sash, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. I'm planning on getting an alpinestars jacket from the us
    I'm just a bit confused on the sizing. I've tried on an rjays jacket and 38 is a real snug fit for me. According to the ebay a small would be suitable for 36/38, and a medium is suitable for 38/40.. If you goto the link you'll see what I mean.

    Does anyone know what would be a better fit?

  2. suggest you go and try on similar jackets before you fork out your hard earned readies.
    youmay even find a similar deal by the time you take into account exchange rate
  3. I purchased my jacket from the same company...i bought the TZ-1 leather jacket about 5 weeks ago. Basically i just went into a peter stevens store tried on the same jacket and presto.

    I ordered a size 43 US...im about 5"11, 70kg.

    In regards to cost, i had to pay customs upon arrival, but the jacket still came out $300 cheaper than retail and its brand new with tags.

    Im currently waiting on a pair of boots from the same company...highly recommend them
  4. the exchange rate is looking pretty good at the moment, which is what makes importing them seem like the cheaper option to buying local.
  5. Damn, they've got black GPS-3 boots for $140US which equates to about $185AU! Plus shipping thats still a heap cheaper than the $299 they go for in Australia.

    Just contacted the seller regarding postage to Australia.

    So assuming import tax of 10% thats $185 + $18.50
    = $203.50 + shipping (~$35)
    = $240.

    Hmm.... very very tempting.
    I think ill hold out until after the netrider sale night incase i find something i like there.
  6. Kiss_the_future, which website did you order your stuff from??
  7. I bought my stuff off ebay from the company Big_Daddy_Discounts. They are based in Florida or something and they specialise in all things Alpinestars.
  8. How did it go? any advice?

    So I am looking at purchasing some bike gear from this seller on ebay. Have looked into importing goods on the Customs website, they recommend a customs broker.

    Am interested in how others have done this and will be most grateful of any advice on importing goods from USA.
    From my research I have concluded that for items less than $300 its too much work for liitle saving however on a set of leathers say Alpstars the savings from doing so are significant!
  9. Maybe its me but I think that you are unlucky if you have to pay customs tax. I purchase most of my things from O/S. Ive purchased my helmet (OGK), mp3 players (Rio and Ipod), spare parts including headlight assemblies, brackets and levers and never paid a cent in customs.
    For big purchases like your jacket, definetly go to a store, try it on and order away! Ive found that if you can find someone that wont try to rip you off with shipping (most wont), you will always pay less than what it would cost if you bought it in OZ.
  10. Ok, I've completed my order with this guy. I emailed him heaps of questions before I actually put in an order, and he always replied within a day. I suggest you contact him and ask him all questions before you commit to buying. I asked for global express shipping (around 70usd) and for him to mark the package as a gift of value $150usd. Had no problems with any customs duty, though maybe I just got lucky.
  11. I've bought quite a bit of stuff from O/S and i believe the deal is that if you get them to mark it as a gift, there is no tax. I've never been taxed (touch wood) as yet and have ordered quite a few things from O/S, so if you ask them to I'm sure they won't mind marking it as a gift. The other possible solution is to mark the item at a low cost (eg. $10 or $50 or something) but this may be a problem if it gets lost as insurance MAY (don't quote me on this) only cover the price marked.... thats a bit of a grey area...! All the same, ask the seller and they should be able to tell you from customer feedback about import taxes.
  12. Isnt wearing a helmet from overseas illegal in Australia (no Oz standard sticker)?
  13. Yeah you need the Aus standard sticker, otherwise it's illegal. Interesting tho as the helmets O/S have all undertaken the same (or better) testing standards. But thems the breaks.