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Alpinestars jacket repair.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vornar, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys.

    I have an Alpinestars leather jacket and the press-stud on the sleeve has broken off. I took it to my local sewing lady and she said i would have to go through a bike shop as she didn't have the right one to replace it with.

    I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, does anyone have any tips for local people that could repair this for me?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. http://www.micksfixleatherrepairs.com/

    granted he is in QLD -- but he may have the piece you are looking for and be able to send it to you

    call him -- he is an awesome guy
  3. if its just the press stud then you can buy a packet of them cheap at spotlight and put new ones on yourself.

    Oh and BTW don't let Smokae see a thread about something going wrong with an Alpinestars garment