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Alpinestars GP PRO Brand New Black\White - Motorcycle Gloves

Discussion in 'Archived' started by restive99, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. ****************Sold Black\White Pair********************************

    Selling brand new orignial Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves. Size is medium, selling as I've lost my licence and bought them just before I lost my licence. Top of the line gloves, still in original packing, normally retail for $225.00.
    I'm selling them for $189 only, I believe that's the cheapest you can get them for in Oz. I have two pairs one is black\White other is white\red both are same size. Pick up in Melbourne CBD or
    can be shipped for additional $10

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  2. I also have this red/White pair, size Medium, brand new. Price, $189

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  3. I'll chat to my partner, he might be interested. Aren't you going to ride again when you get your lic. back?
  4. I'm on a payment plan at the moment to pay my speeding fines, i got two tickets in close succession, plus insurance an rego are due..cash straped at the moment..should have gone to track to get my speeding fix..
  5. Ah, understandable. I talked to the other half and he said no (He rides MX - says they're not the right type of glove). If you're really stuck, try getting a debt consolidation loan, pay everything off that you need to, and pay the bank back - they seem to be a wee bit more flexible on payments.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.