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Alpinestars GP Pro 2010

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by hyo_duc, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. http://www.alpinestars.com/GP_Pro_Gloves/pd/c/141/np/141/p/355677.html

    ok so i needed new gloves, and i had waited long enough for a new pair after over a year and 24000+ kays with the same pair. Luckily enough my birthday came along, so from my mates one of the gifts was Alpinestars 2010 GP pro gloves.
    My mate has the 2009 pair and yes there are a few changes but overall exact same glove
    so the low down... initially when i put them on in the store they feel and mould my hand brilliantly. I had no worries about fit. Yes, they are comfortable in the sense that they act as another skin, they are tight around each finger (but not to a silly extent) and they hold perfectly around my wrist. Obviously being in the store they are still tight and not worn in but ultimately very comfortable.
    So on the road? They are bloody brilliant, although the $250 price is hefty it is one hell of a glove, who needs Dainese, when these puppies are used in racing. They do look the trick, and my white pair look fantastic alongside my part white leather jacket, helmet, and bike. Firstly the padding is all where they need to be so no discomfort or thickness in unnecessary places. Whilst riding there is no issue with gripping handles. The wrist protectors sit nice and protect them well with the hard protection which prevent gloves from slipping or bending. The Velcro obviously helps this but general contours work well for the style in keeping it locked on your hands. The perforations between the fingers are great in summer and the leather isn't too full on when it comes to getting hot sweaty hands... very bearable in heat. The nice padding above knuckle pad is nice and soft and works well at soaking in pressure from the hard knuckle protector when wrist is up high (such as deep acceleration).
    Like all gloves they must be worn in and these took time but less so than my previous all round ones. I was surprised also as they didn't hurt my knuckles during the wear in time.
    The only down side is i do find it a bit hard using my thumb for certain actions on my bike... maybe they are still being worn in (how long would it take to wear in the thumb are.. i dont know) but otherwise the glvoes seem pretty faultless
    So ultimately a great glove, dare i say it an all rounder too as i'm finding them great in these cold Victoria nights... but nothing heated grips cant handle. I would highly recommend them for any sports bike user and for track days i could see them playing their part well (not that iv done track days yet)

    *this is all based on the 2000 kays experience i have had with them since new

  2. I've had a pair for a few months now, and loving them. Had a few threads start to come loose, but no seams opening or anything, and a quick trim takes care of them.

    Mine were a bit too tight to start with, and a bit too short in the fingers, but have worn in nicely. I'd imagine yours will soften up and make thumb movement easier.
  3. Agreed. I have a pair and they are great! I got a slight amount of colour running but eh who cares.
  4. cheers guys, yeah was hoping someone would say it will loosen up around the thumb, it has changed since new but hoping there is a bit more too loosen
    but great gloves ey
  5. Theyre a really nice pair of glove. I have the GP tech which are very similar.

    As nice as they are, I found that they take a very long time to put on. By the time you get yours on, all the others are ready to go.

    Furthermore, I find that if the thermoplastic cuff isnt in the right spot, they tend to push forward and impede the wrist action on the throttle.

    I also found that the finger bridge on the pinki and ring finger to be a bit annoying on the left hand since im a 3 finger clutcher. Doesnt really matter much on the right since im a two finger braker.

    I solved this problem by snipping away the leather down the middle to free the fingers up and it makes a hell of a lot of difference for me, making it a lot more comfortable when manipulating the clutch lever.
  6. These are great gloves. Mine have survived two crashes. Only problem is they get pretty cold in winter. But I suppose they are designed for racing not road riding.
  7. I bought a pair in '08 and will be replacing them soon.
    +'s Comfy, good protection, good ventilation and look decent
    -'s heavyish, price, ventilation isnt so fun in winter

    Good glove and will be on my shortlist again
  8. good to hear positive feedback on the gloves form everyone :D
  9. Ok need a bit of advice anywhere you guys recommend for alpinestars after a bit of gear. no where in cairns that do leathers etc alpinestars won`t send to aus if using online store

    Thanks in advance
  10. ebay is your friend
  11. Wot ee sed - if you're comfortable taking the risk of cheap chinee copy.

    Otherwise there are some good on-line stores in Aus and the states - try Google.
  12. And just what the **** guarantees that a store will be selling the genuine thing? How do you even KNOW it is non-genuine? You assume because there is a "Store" that is "Australian" that the article is "genuine"? All this shit is made to the lowest bottom dollar in any case. Chances are it's 99% made in China and the last final shitty step is in another country. Bonds did this for the last 15 years with undewear - everything was done in China. Then it came to Australia for 4 final steps: 1) Bonds tag 2) Bonds embroidery 3) Bonds signature "seam" i.e. stitching over nothing to give shape 4) packing. Reality was it was all chinese SHIT but suddenly GENUINE and AMAZING QUALITY because it was XYZ country origin and sold in a "Store"

    **** me, an ONLINE STORE no less is your recommendation, like that is of any more assurance than Ebay. Considering the identity requirements to setup a store on Ebay versus an online web page that can be owned by ANYONE and ANYTHING (READ: COMPANIES) he'd have more luck, ON YOUR MISGUIDED BASIS, of getting the genuine article from Ebay.

    I'm sorry to attack your post (I've appreciated your others!) but this attitude is so ****ing prevalent amongst Australians it's not funny. It's like an American attitude as to "American" products. You don't see the same in England, Korea or Japan.
  13. Settle petal...

    For starters, my A* jacket and gloves are all made in China, there's no pretense about it.

    My warning about eBay is that there is a prevelance of very nice looking, very cheap gear. I have no way of knowing, and nor does any other normal customer, if the product is genuine or a cheap knock-off. It may even have come out of the same Chinese factory, but that's not the point.

    If you buy from a physical retail shop you have a point of contact for support if anything goes wrong. Buying from an eBay store gets you a contact through the eBay system, to a seller who may or not respond, and is almost impossible to track down if there is a problem and they don't want to be found.

    The question was about finding A* products without the ability to go to a shop. My recommendation therefore was to check out the websites of REAL shops like for instance MCAS, BikeBiz, Helmet Warehouse, AMX etc. These are real shops which have been in business for years, and have reliable means of contact that aren't going to change every week.

    Likewise I would suggest checking out reputable businesses in the states for bigger ticket items where the exchange rate might save a bit of money. I know of a few businesses such as Rider's Discount, Sportbike Track Gear, Bike Bandit etc that have a history of shipping to Australia and looking after their customers. All of these have websites - ONLINE STORES.

    Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
  14. there are very good prices on ebay for these. How can you tell between genuine and copy?
  15. They're all made in China, what difference does it make..

    Motolegion is selling similar gloves to these at 1/2 the cost. I've had a pair I bought off him for a few months and they are very good. I just found out today that they are waterproof as I was riding for close to 1 hour in a strong shower and my hands and inner gloves were completely dry.
  16. Www.fc-moto.de.

    Got a pair of these gp pro's for around $130 + postage.
    They don't charge you local tax, or Gst so I think that's how they do them so cheap
  17. I just bought some gear from the states the prices compared from here is ridiculous
    alpinestars trackpants here $600-usa $320 akropovich racing line full system here 2k
    usa 1k ohlins rear shock and stering damper here over 3k usa $1800

    I have been using www.superbiketoystore.com and www.hardracing.com postage was $100
    With aus $ so strong against usd at the moment makes it evan better would love to buy locally but with those savings, I do feel for the local bike shops how do they compete with those prices.
  18. i think genuine or counterfeit is a big difference.
    people manufacturing counterfeit products don't give a shit if their products perform their intended function or not, don't care about what materials are used in the manufacture of the product or the quality of the product.
    don't test their products to see if they work or not.
    they just want to make a fast buck before they get shut down, then they"ll move onto another product and start again.
    costs jobs and ****s the economy too.
  19. Hi,

    Just about to buy a pair online. Im just abit confused if i should get Medium or Large size.

    Heres the size chart:

    80mm - 92 mm MD 9
    92mm- 105mm LG 10

    I am about 93mm across the hand, would the Medium stretch to 93-94mm or is it better to go for the large? i guess i dont want a really tight fitting glove or really loose. I looked online and people say that the gloves fit one size small meaning if your normally Large go X Large.

    Just wanted to ask you guys what your experience and if you could recommend what size to go for that would be appreciated.

  20. Dark horse has advised in the past that they will stretch that 1-2 mm