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Alpinestars GP Plus gloves . . .

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. I paid $130 for a pair ???

    Was this a good buy ?

    They are mega comfy, will test them out tonight when riding home from work. They don't have Ducati-Performance logos on them, bah ! . . i'll live ! :LOL:

  2. Does it matter you have paid for them so it was good at the time then :grin:
  3. Retail is up around $250-$299 - so yes, a good deal for Alpine star Gp plus gloves...

    Where, where, where, where???

    They're currently my fav style of glove...
  4. Yep great gloves, goes well with your number plates :LOL: :LOL:

    OH A* gloves in my experience leak die onto your hands when they are wet, so get a pair of latex gloves to slip on underneath on a wet day. :grin:
  5. GP Plus Gloves
    Developed with Alpinestars professional GP and WSB racers, incorporating years of work by Alpinestars Research & Development department to offer a supremely high performance glove.

    price: $159.95 (USD)

    From the A* website. Plus 40 USD for postage. How you got them for $130 Aus is a mystery. Farkin good buy if you ask me!
  6. +1

    WHERE??! :grin:

    i wants :)
  7. A* GP PLus gloves are worth AU$199.95... so that's a damn good! price! Although I usually wear A* GP Tech's, for the price of the plus' i'm also interested in where you got them...
  8. Bought it off a mate who gave up riding !

    Still in its original packaging.

    They are blue and white though, does not suit my Red bike and All Black Gangsta riding gear !

    No good for winter as i've found out last night riding home!

    I might sell them !
  9. If their XL, let's talk if you wanna sell.
  10. nah, Medium !

    They are nice gloves I have to admit !
  11. I have had two sets of these gloves and I love em. I've crashed in them twice and each time they held up fantastic. The first ones were soo good, I bought a second set when the GF found them in a discount bin at PS for $ 110!!!

    They will hurt like bastards for the first two or three rides, but perservere with them and they will feel like a second skin. I also wore out the first set in the palms, but I have a bad habit of gripping the bars far too tight. Never had any dye leaks.
  12. great price. Just have to look for the bargains wherever you can. ebay is where I get most of my stuff.
  13. I haven't had my pair for a year yet, and yet they've torn apart from normal clutch usage! :shock:

  14. The inner seams of my GP Tech gloves catch under my fingernails, which is annoying and uncomfortable, to say the least. :?
  15. Speaking of which, today the seams of the index finger spit around the tip. It cools me down in hot weather, but I think that isn't the point of wearing gloves :?
  16. maybe you need to go 1 up on the size?
  17. naw they're not tight, and i'm not forcing my fingers into gloves that are plainly too small or too short. they fit well, but suffer from shitty workmanship.

    think about it: top of the line gloves - you'd expect that it'd take some really, really stubborn efforts to get a too-fat finger into the glove before the whole thing splits, right?
  18. well i had two holes and broken thumb. it may not hold that well it seems.