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Alpinestars Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ResmeN, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just went to the shop to check out these gloves but was inundated by the choices available. For those of you that use Alprinestars gloves what model are they and which ones would you recommend?

    I use my bike for my daily commute so am after something that fits nice and is also comfortable on long journeys. Doesn't need to be waterproof.

    Currently am using a pair of dri riders which do the job but aren't comfortable to wear and while operating switches.

    Also would you buy off ebay as the prices seem to be significantly lower there than in stores. I have determined I am a XL-XXL. I went to PS in the CBD and the prices were high. Today on my lunch break I dropped by Evolution Yamaha and their prices looked much better. I like the S1.

    I am after a preferably all black glove apart from the logos which are obviously in white.

  2. Have you tried the PS Clearance Centre in behind their Harley/Triumph store on A'Beckett St? I was in there on the weekend and they have heaps of gloves in there. A bit cheaper than in the main store.
  3. I'm on my 2nd pair of SP3s, good comfy gloves that don't get too hot in the summer. But they lack any armour.

    I had a pair of SP1s, which had a hold in the index finger after a year, which was disappointing. No problems with the SP3s.
  4. Ali I think I'll swing by the PS clearance store over the weekend and take another look.
  5. I know that Mars and Amx have these Highyway gloves- they have armour and kevlar protection but are winter gloves. For summer gloves that are very comfy and breathable- Airrider gloves- they have protection as well and are all black. Another summer glove is the Ruffrider gloves which I found are really good too. But i think the Air rider are the best very light and summerish gloves with protection.
  6. the old SP3's were awesome but didnt last long. the new ones are gayer than 10 men kissing.

    i have gp1's atm. theyre good for protection. ok for price. i dont like the triple layer wrist. makes them too wide for inside my jacket.

    it annoys me when they put things like that on a street/sport glove.
  7. Yeah I realised that about the gp1 too. It's comfy and all but will add time when putting on and taking off.
  8. I've got the GP-Pro, full-on race rep things. Probably not what you're after, but they have heaps of protection, and look cool, though maybe a bit lairy for what you want.

    I got them through eBay for about 50% RRP.

    No complaints so far, although there are a few threads starting to hang loose after 6-7days a week for 6 months. Nothing structural, just ends coming unravelled so far.
  9. I've had the SP2's for about 4 months, love them, some carbon fiber armor on the knuckles and thick padded leather around the bottom of the palm and thumb. Didn't like the GP-pro when i tried them on at PS, too much armor, although given how mine have softened up they would have probably been fine.
    They're about 40% white logos and highlights. Rest is black. I know the older model is all black except a small a*'s logo. Perhaps you'd have luck there with the PS discount store. I did a bulk order on rider's discount after i got my lid and sizes at PS's. Shaved about $400 off of my $1200 PS quote. Not sure exactly how much rrp is now.
    Hope that helps :)
  10. Thanks. I'll pop in to the ps clearance store and check out the gloves and sizes and if I'm not happy there I'll order online or I may go back to evolution yamaha as they seemed to have a wide range at decent prices of a * gloves.
  11. I just bought the top of the range Alpine's and by far they are the most comfortable for a new glove. Highly recommended.
  12. I had GP Tech. They were very comfortable and had lots of protection.
  13. Would the GP Tech be a bit too hardcore for street?

    I tried on a pair the other day and they were VERY snug to get on (wrist part a bit small) but once they were on, they were very comfortable. I tried going a size up but they were too lose in teh fingers. Would they give out a bit after wearing it for a while?

    How do you guys who wear them on the street find them?
  14. My GP-Pros were very snug and slightly short on my index fingers to start with, but after a couple of weeks of sweating in them they loosened up nicely. I'd go for the slightly smaller, as they will stretch to fit, but the bigger ones won't get any smaller.

    They'll just be a bit of a struggle to get on and off for the first couple of weeks, especially if your hands get a bit wet or sweaty! Italians must have really small hands.
  15. I've had a pair of SP-2's for about 2 years and they did me well, but are falling apart now (probably because I ride pretty much every day, and they've gone through rain, hail and shine). Very comfortable and adequate protection if you're just commuting. The only problem I had was they have no vents, so my hands used to get really hot in the spring/summer.

    I'm now looking at a pair of GP-1's which are a more snug fit and have better wrist protection AND vents, which for me is a must.
  16. I didn't think so or care what anyone else thought. They looked to be the best protection and were comfortable so I bought them. That hard mould for protecting the wrist was just a little bit annoying to secure and undo (probably because it takes a little bit of extra time) but it didn't worry me in the end. Think of it this way. Is it too hard core if you come off, whack your wrist on something to then find that the funny looking hard wrist guard did its job and prevented you from cracking your wrist?

    The size I got was a good fit when I clenched my fist - there was no pressure on the ends of my fingers nor were the gloves clumsily long. I got a fit that was just right. It was snug enough to hold on without placing pressure anywhere (and I used the adjustable straps to clamp on). I wouldn't have gone for the size down and banked on them stretching. I don't do that with shoes/boots either but each to their own. The GP Pros didn't fit so well for the size "I should have had" and they didn't have the next size up in stock so I grabbed the GP Techs which were immediately comfortable and fit nicely.

    I wouldn't buy a pair of gloves in which the wrist part is a bit small. Surely it'd eventually be annoying/distracting. I found that the fingers of my gloves stretched just a little bit after using liners in winter but I wouldn't count on too much give.

    If the next size up is too big then try different brands or different model gloves in A* if you really want to get A*.
  17. A* size is on the small size. Have GP-Plus but they are tight to get on, particularly in hot weather. No, they haven't stretched any bigger after a year. Apart from gettin em on & off, they fit like a ... glove.
    Will definately buy another pair, but next size up.
  18. Is there a reason you are set on a pair of A*?

    I have a pair od SP1's and I hate them.

    I have a pair of Dainese for winter (thinest winter goves I could find) and a pair of Spidi race vent for summer (I love these gloves!)
  19. I've looked at all the gloves and bike gear in general and have started liking A*'s more than Dainese or others. In the future I have intentions of getting A* jacket as well so I'd like the jacket & gloves to match.

    Though I'll take your advice and consider other brands too.
  20. i still wuite like my sp1's appart from the trip closeing wrist.

    and thats after breaking my hand crashing in them lol. id love some 365's for winter though