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Alpinestars gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Senator17, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. I've recently seen on this forum, a thread about why Boots look wierd and noticed a couple of people say some poor things about Alpinestar. I recently read a review of the whole company in AMCN and they praised the dedication and hard work that is put into their products. SO now I am wondering, given that they are quite expensive, what have been riders experiences and expectation of Alpinestars? IT's certainly a brand that I will consider and as long as they are as good as their reputation, then they should be worth the money. But are they as good as they claim? I'd like to hear the good and the bad stories.

  2. What sort of riding do you need their gear for?

    For my track riding i mainly have Alpinestar boots & gloves. I wanted to get an Alpinestar jacket & pants but was told to get Dianese instead. Apparently Dianese use the same titanium inserts as they do in their MotoGP suits as a bare minimum in all of their riding gear. So I went with Dianese with the 2 piece suit combination.

    I had a couple of Alphinestar boots smx-5 & 6, they are quite good, but they are in their cheaper range. I had their SP-1 gloves. Not bad but once again in their cheaper range.

    I had a high speed track crash earlier this year & broke my wrist & fractured some bones in my ankle, maybe if i bought their more premium gloves / boots that would not have happened, but i did not have any road rash & i have seen / heard about GP racers hurting themselves more on similar speed crashes.

    The Dainese suit came away with a big hole in the left elbow but the titanium inserts prevented any road rash or injury. But considering this was a 160kmh plus crash i think i came away pretty good.

    Thats just my experience, i also had another high speed crash in RST gear, with no name brand gloves / boots last year & came away with no road rash & minimal injury. The RST leather is actually thicker, but heavier than Dianese / Alpinestars & did not rip or tear at all & its cheaper.

    You basically have to look at what your requirements are first & then your budget. Each brand is going to have its lower end cheaper stuff to get people into their sphere. So in the end you get what you paid for.
  3. My review of the Atem jacket (that I posted somewhere else, so copy pasting).

    The jacket is good overall. Pretty comfortable, sleeves are tighter than in Dainese product which is good for me.

    I had the jacket for about 10 months and the neck started to wear off.
    Also it didn't feel like it was made to the price it costs.

    I confirmed that when I had to slide on the track at ~150 km/h.
    My right arm was burned because the jacket's leather didn't withstand the slide and developed a hole through the leather on the sleeve.

    Also the stretch panel got undone but I was somehow lucky that I didn't touch the ground in that area.
    It would be very, very ugly if I would.

    There are also multiple holes in the jacket from the abrasion and few stitches undone.
    I just didn't expect anything like that from a top of the shelf jacket.

    Having said that, every crash is different.
    I had a bit of luck and ended up with road rush on my arm which gave me a permanent scar.
    Could be much worse I suppose.

    But I expected way better protective qualities from this jacket. Perhaps I had too high expectations.
    But this event considerably dropped my confidence in the Alpinestars in general (keeping in mind some of the issues with the track pants I had too).
  4. Few photos below.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't think A* is bad but I simply expected a little bit more.
    Not sure if Dainese or any other brand would be any better or worse in this particular situation.

    And again, every crash is different and mine was one of the biggest you can have.


  5. Happy with my Alpinestars boots (SMXplus), happy with my leather jacket (Tech 1R), but very disappointed in my gloves ( GP Plus) as the fingers did not last very as the stitching came loose on multiple fingers on both hands.

    I'm going to purchase Spidi gloves next time as see how they go.
  6. I have a tech1R jacket that I am happy with. I haven't crash tested it like dima did to his jacket though. This was their top of the line jacket when I bought it I believe.
    Its 2 years old but doesn't get a lot of heavy use. I tend to wear a textile jacket ( because of its versatility) or my trusty old 12yoTiger Angel leather gear ( I have a 2 piece Tiger Angel classic cat suit which purchased back in 2002) before the A* jacket. No reason why though. Just too many jackets! LOL Truth be known the A* jacket would probably protect me better than the old leather suit, but I just love my old leather gear. Its like a second skin.

    Other than that I have not purchased an Alpine Stars product for over a decade. Back in 2003 I bought some of their goretex lined touring boots. They were comfy and water proof, so did their job well. Since then its been Sidi boots.
    Never had a pair of their gloves. My last 3 pairs have been Held.

    I think any company makes different ranges at varying quality and feature points at different price points. Whether or not they are good value for money, or you are paying too much for a certain level ( IE you are paying for the name rather than a level of quality/features) is subjective I suppose.

    I would be interested to try Dainese gear but never had. Always thought that they were designed for skinny little Europeans, not stocky Aussies that are built like brick outhouses! LOL
  7. I have the Alpinestars SMX-1 Ride shoes, and the Alpinestars Octane S-Moto gloves.

    Find them to be great. Good quality, and comfortable.
  8. dima, that is one hell of a rip in your jacket!!! I am surprised you did not get any road rash.
  9. I did actually, a descent size road rush which had to be stitched up.
    Thus permanent scar on my right arm.

    But it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

    What I'm trying to say here I guess is that reviewing the gear by the comfort and features only isn't good enough.

    The main purpose of a good gear is to protect in an accident. And if doesn't do it well then it's not good enough even if it lasts years and is the most comfy thingy you can ever get.

    The trouble is that no one can really know for sure until an incident.

    But back to the alpinestars again...

    It think they are generally good value for money, but the quality isn't consistent across the products.

    Few facts if it'll help:
    • my touring boots are going strong after 2 years (not much protection there though)
    • my GP Plus gloves - and velcro got undone;
    • leather track pants - developed a whole near the knee by just gripping the tank (makes me think the leather they use is "budget")
    • jacket - had major tear around the neck from the helmet
    • supertech r boots - are ok, but the inside of the right boot got some material bunched up which makes it a bit uncomfy (and by the feel of it the right is just a touch different to the left in terms of size, but it could be just me)
    • The Goretex touring winter gloves were great (but very little protection in them)
  10. SMX-6 boots
    after 1 month of beginner riding, the screws that hold the side plastic piece on are started to come undone, and one has completely backed out at the top (and the washer has gone by the roadside..)

    poor design? shitty threadlocker? poor assembly?

    not sure if I should take them back or cut into the lining and fix myself...