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Alpinestars Back Armour

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by snuff3r, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. So, I finally took the plunge and spent some dollars on a leather jacket. The poorly fitting textile one I got with my first bike needed to go.

    I ended up picking up a black Alpinestars Indy jacket. I was interested in upgrading stock fitted back insert with the Alpinestars Bio Back Protector:


    Unfortunately, i can't locate anywhere in Australia that stocks it. Was wondering if anyone has seen it around. Also, if i got a size 58 jacket, any idea how i figure out what size insert i need?

  2. never seen that one in stores.
    maybe it's just the latest model of this ? >http://www.ridersdiscount.com/street-gear/protection-adult/8614.php
    < that one is commonly available in local stores.
    same price and both are CE-1, so maybe ones a later model of the same product.

    58 would be a large,
    but is it a replacement for a piece of foam allready in a pocket inside the back of the jacket ?
    because you'd need to match it's measurements with that to ensure it fits in that pocket.

    forcefield also supply something similar in various shapes and sizes to fit different jackets... they also do a CE-2 version.

    i'm pretty sure Rjays does that sort of type also.
  3. Yeah, it's a new jacket. Apparently i picked it up about 1 hour after they put them on the shelves for the first time.

    I'll check out the info you've put there.. thanks dude.
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  5. From what I read in the Alpinestars website for the Indy Jacket:
    "PE padding in back compartment (CE certified RC back protector available as accessory)."

    The Bio Armor is on elbows and shoulders, but the Back padding can only be upgraded to a RC Back protector like this one:

    Hope it helps
  6. I've got an A* jacket and that rc protector is pretty flimsy. I wanted something more and I've heard heaps of people complaining about how uncomfortable various strap on back protectors are (A*, r-jays, dainese etc) so I ordered one of these http://www.kneedraggers.com/product/656318/Alpinestars-Track-Protector-Vest

    Don't know anyone with one but the reviews are good and it seems like it will be more comfortable because its a vest and won't have all those tight straps around your back and chest.

    I'll let you know how it is when I get it
  7. When I purchased my A* jacket recently I used the foam insert from the jacket to compare sizes for the back protectors in the shop and chose a Dainese back protector tha fits in to the same pocket on the jacket. Fits in perfectly, is extremely comfortable (wouldn't really know its there), was a good price and it seems to be a pretty decent product. Probably not as good as the more expensive type that you strap on separately from the jacket, but certainly a hell of a lot better then the standard piece of very average foam that was originally in the jacket.
  8. That was how i read it too and i was pretty disappointed. I just got this response from Alpinestars:

    Dear Alpinestars Online Customer:

    For your Indy Leather Jacket in Size 58, your corresponding Bio Armor Back Protector would be a size Large. Currently the Bio Armor Back Protector is not in stock and is slated for a Fall Release.

    Unfortunately, we are not offering shipping to your country at
    this time. For a full list of our international shipping
    countries and respective rates, please go here:


    Kind Regards,

    Customer Service
    Alpinestars Online

    I guess that means they will release Bio armour for the back eventually.

    Either way, as per all the useful info above, i'll check out the 3rd party options. Looks like they might be the go...
  9. Ahh, good idea. Thanks!
  10. heres another ce 2 rated insert, for the sake of comparison>http://www.getgeared.co.uk/HELD_Quattrotempi_Back_Protectors

    it's made from visco-elastic PU... i have some shoulder and elbow armour made from that stuff i bought from Der Farterland years ago... it's a bizzare polymer i think they got from alien technology WW2 secret nazi scientist experiments... no i just made that bit up sorry.
    but it is wierd stuff.. you can poke your finger into it and slowly make an indent... then it just reforms... maybe that's what the new A* bio armour stuff is.
    it's considirably heavier than the knox or forcefield/t-pro armour though.. and would probably trap more heat in summer
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  12. Bit of a thread dig, but how'd you go with this? Did you end up with an A* insert?

    I also have an Indy jacket (EUR 60). Looking at picking up one of the Bionic Air back inserts as an upgrade.
  13. I have the back insert listed by the OP in my size 60 A*s jacket. Fits perfectly in the standard pocket. Dont notice its there when jackets on but def better then the bit of foam I pulled out.

    I had to order it from a 3rd party site in the US as A*s wouldnt sell it to me either.
  14. I'm looking at replacing the CE foam in my Berik jacket and am interested in the Alpinestar Bionic Air Back Protector insert. Trouble is I haven't managed to find a bricks & mortar shop with stock simply to work out what whether it would fit the pocket in my jacket or what size (medium or large) I need.
  15. Plus one on taking the foam insert to find a matching shape...I did that, all good.
  16. Ok, so I ended up ordering one regardless. Bionic AIR, Large. Grabbed some chest inserts while I was at it. Package arrived from the states today.

    It seems pretty light and breathable and causes no discomfort - will need to actually go for a ride to say for sure (didn't have time today).

    Only thing I'm a bit concerned about is that it's not as wide as the foam I pulled out - by a good 2 inches or so. Hoping it doesn't slide around in there and end up off centre.

    Will need to get a few kms on it and see how it goes.

    Here's some measurements I took if you're trying to figure out if it will fit your jacket. They do not match the dimensions in the installation booklet :-k

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  17. I have a Bio Armor Back Protector (not the AIR one) lying around in size M. If you need to try it on in your jacket, send me a PM. Might give you an idea of what you are looking for.