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Alpinestars AYC summer tech shirt

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Rob H, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I recently purchased the summer tech moisture wicking shirt and although I've only worn it once I can attest to it's moisture wicking ability. The shirt is tight fitting and its all I wore under a leather jacket. Temp was 32 plus in full sun most of the time and the shirt worked really well keeping me sweat free and comfortable. I bought the long sleeved version which makes putting jackets over the top really easy too.

    I recommend the shirt and will probably lookat the winter tech top also for cooler weather riding.
  2. Yeah, I got the summer tech full one piece (sooo sexy). Works very well under the leathers.
  3. Interesting. How much would you guys say you would sweat normally? (As in I get of the bike with just a t-shirt under the jacket and it is dry/slightly damp under armpits/i have to wring the moisture out and mop it off of the floor)
  4. I have the shirt and agree. I love wearing it! It's the only shirt I wear when I wear my leather jacket. Makes taking on and off the jacket a breeze. My jacket is skin tight and any other shirt, even a t-shrt is uncomfortable.

    Wearing leather in the summer, I do sweat quite a bit. Actually just putting on my gear or taking my jacket off makes me sweat, it's so tight. The shirt just soaks it up, and with the air flowing through while you ride, you actually feel like you're being cooled down.

    I do believe that you are paying a premium though just because it's Alpinestars branded. Could easily buy any other brand, save some $$$, and the shirt will still do the same thing.
  5. I sweat more like wringing than damp and this shirt made a big difference. I was looking at the RS Taichi items from MRG but I couldn't get what I wanted in my size so I bought the AStars from the US delivered for around $85 bucks I think.
  6. I barely sweat, but it is much more comfortable than leather on bare skin. And it does make you feel cooler than you otherwise would to the point I sometimes wear a really thin long sleeve top over it :)