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Alpinestars 07 track pants

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by syd rs125, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Just got these pants for Chrissy from my wife "couldn't ask for a better wife, for my birthday she get's me sidi boots and now this."
    This is the first pair of leather pants i have ever owned and i can happily say i am absolutely rapt.
    At first i thought they restricted movement quite a bit but once on the bike they fit like a glove and for some reason they make me ride alot better "i think". They seem to put my body in the right position sounds weird feels great.
    I feel alot more confident when wearing these pants zipped together to my alpinestars jacket don't know if it's the feeling of safety or what but i feel like an absolute Moto GP god i can't ride that fast but at least now i look the part :p . But honestly one previous problem i had whilst cornering was that i thought that i was going to knee cap myself whilst hanging off and never got the bike over to it's full potential. Now i know i have heaps more room for the knee but i also have the knee sliders just in case makes me ride alot more confidently and encourages me to hang off.
    Went for a long ride yesterday in 26 degee heat and the perforation works a treat i thought i was gonna sweat like a priest in a whore house but it wasn't bad at all.
    Touch wood that i don't test their abrasive resistance but being alpinestars i'm confident they can stand upto the worst of it.
    If i had one gripe it would probably be the crotch zip it just feels a bit too small and delicate besides that so far so good.
    Hmmmm i think i'll hassle the wife to shout me a track day so i can get some wear into these sliders. :grin:

  2. I like leather pants much better than draggins, they grip the seat better. Makes it easier to grip when hanging off the bike
  3. I have both and the draggins still sweat in the heat. I think draggins are overrated because when you hit the road you have no knee protection or added padding to absord impact. Draggins may be better then Levis for abrasion but they give zero protection for impact. $200 spent on draggins is better put towards a $250 pair of leather pants